happy child chakra heartWe all speak about matters of the heart daily. No matter what relationships we have, our heart is put to the test every minute of our lives. For every parent, one of the biggest joys is when they see the heartbeat of their unborn child for the first time. There and then a bond forms by a simple heart beat… the journey starts!

All that we will experience in life will always be connected to our heart. The way we feel, the way we express our feelings, our connection to others and above all the connection that we have with the spiritual realms – the source of our creation itself.

We live a major challenge to love unconditionally and to show love to the ones that somehow have broken our heart…a mad concept, yes I know! What people fail to grasp is that every time you hold on to the pain, you are blocking yourself.

We are here to experience emotions.

Like a lab experiment, sometimes it is right, other times the lab explodes and we are left with the task of cleaning it up and moving forward. Instead, many choose to hold on. No one comes into our lives without a purpose. Also, no one will push your boundaries and step on your toes without your permission. If you don’t give your energy to a situation that has a low vibration, that energy will not affect you. Yes, we all have daily challenges, at home with family, with friends, at work…it’s called living, learning, experiencing and growing strong emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder how loving we are and that we have a heart of gold due to our life journey but it is so important for us to remember that on the day we were born innocent and that innocence of emotions are still embedded in our DNA. We just need to tap into it once again.

As parents’ we want the best for our children. The best gift you can ever give to your child is to teach them how to truly LOVE. Loving without conditions, loving without expectations, loving just because you are loved unconditionally.

As you know it has been proven by the scientific world that even in the womb a baby feels emotions from a very young age during gestation. It can feel mum’s emotions, so it is critical that from the moment of conception that Unconditional Love is the emotion to tap into.

The Heart chakra is connected to the Solar Plexus chakra in many ways. Both work with the same aim, feeling, processing and clearing emotions.

Our heart gives us the ability to connect at a higher level when it is clean and clear of clutter. When you choose to open your heart, your main connection will be with the loved ones around you, mainly your family and at later stage our neighborhood, country and planet.

Living from our heart instead of our mind gives us the moral and mental ability to feel others and understand how they feel deep inside.

When we choose to wear another person’s shoes it is when we begin to comprehend that at times people behave in certain ways due to their own emotional blocks. Then again it is up to you whether you take it on board and play the “drama queen” role or to let it go.

Wanting it or not we are still tribally oriented. No matter how much progress we make in our external world, with all the material evolution that surrounds us. It is a matter of fact that all this is moving us more and more from feeling. New technologies are opening some very scary doors. Our tribal roots are still very alive today, as is the need to fit in with our peers. Many choose groups of friends, football clubs, others, depending on their upbringing can go into to a deeper, darker side like joining gangs and so on.

More and more we see the lack of communication, one to one and face to face. Many choose to hide behind a machine to express what they don’t have the courage to say face to face and that can take a very nasty turn. Just look at social media.

As parents, it is our duty above all to ALLOW our children from a very young age to express their emotions freely and teach them how to deal with the emotion they are experiencing.

But then again as a parent if you have been shut down from expressing yourself as a child, start by working on yourself first. Put yourself in your child’s shoes for a moment. Never do to others what you would not like to be done to you…if it was done to you, let it go from your heart. Make peace with it, forgive yourself and others and move on.

I have seen many people with their hearts clogged with pain and sorrow, as they chose to hold on so tight to the pain they have endured in life. They are living in constant emotional pain and that pain at one point will start projecting in their physical body. Just look at people that suffer major heart attacks. I can assure you that somewhere they are holding on to deeply embedded pain. They chose to hold on to it, and by not releasing, it calcifies their heart, locking it down at such a level that they choose never to love again. Ever heard the expression; ‘heart of stone’? That is pretty much what it is. Fortunately, you can break any stone.

Our center of Unconditional Love: heart chakraThe Heart Chakra

Starts development: from 6-7 years in some children, if late – 8 years and runs until the age of 11-13 years old at the start of puberty.

This chakra is situated in the center of our chest, 1 inch above our heart (the heart plexus area), it is a translucent emerald green with soft shades of pink. The Heart chakra is associated with unconditional love and all that is related to the matters of the heart, emotionally speaking, being in a loving relationship, friends or family. It is also related to empathy, compassion, forgiveness, faithfulness, trust, honour and a deep connection to the Creator/God.

When the Heart Chakra is in balance it will bring to the individual and all others around, loving relationships and a deep sense of serenity, calm and peacefulness with oneself and with life, creating a ripple effect and touching many other hearts.

It is of the highest importance at this stage of development for a child, that the parents allow the child to express their emotions no matter what form they come out; repressing will bring major issues in adult life and some of the damage created by suppressing and blocking emotions may be irreversible.

Many are the traumas associated with an unbalanced heart, and many come to surface like being shamed by their actions, physical and sexual abuse, being punished for telling your truth and expressing your emotions, deep fear of parents, loss, constant criticism, betrayal, being forced to age and taking on responsibilities that is age inappropriate. These traits can also be inherited traits passed down from up to the five generations. At any point, this chain can be broken by first pinpointing the traits and setting your intentions in changing them. So as parents you have another chance to take control of the wellbeing of your child and your future generations. Don’t do to others what you would not like to be done to you comes to mind, so if someone made you “hurt in the heart” you can change it at any time you want.

During this period the child will begin to explore their deeper inner core and can become very demanding, especially with Mum;- a sense of entitlement, due to the womb connection, a fear of separation and jealousy will later play a significant role if not addressed in an appropriate manner, at the right time by setting strong boundaries. Later in adulthood, a child that was so lovely can turn into a very intolerant, narcissistic, possessive, antisocial and very bitter being, constantly criticizing and judging others as they are afraid to tap into their emotions, which were stripped away from feeling. The physical impact on the body can be brutal causing many dysfunctions in the body that only now, medicine is starting to grasp the concept. Many people suffer with heart attacks, asthma, lung problems, poor circulation, deficient immune system and tension on the middle section of the back between the shoulder blades, not realizing that these issues are related to emotional distress and traumas.

We are all on a soul journey and although there is much guidance out there on parenting, we all are unique, so truly as a parent you need to feel your child. Do the best that you can to assist in this deeper journey, taking examples from your life and bringing the awareness to yourself of your embedded emotional issues. As mentioned in past articles, the journey of parenthood gives the opportunity to work on our inner core, to release what is no longer needed, tapping into your heart chakra and allowing it to heal is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

Supporting your child during this period is very important. Introduce exercise into their lives, by this time they will have PE lessons at school, but I would guide you to get your child into swimming lessons, so they will go back to “water”, just like the womb, which brings a sense of security. All exercise that makes them breathe deeply, as learning how to tap into your breath releases and calms emotions. Many parents choose to introduce swimming to babies at a very tender age, fantastic if you did. Also by exercising the upper body, and opening the chest area is a must, reaching out and taking in your arms to your chest.

At this age the food chart plays an important role, so ensure you introduce foods associated with the heart chakra, green vegetables, and pink fruits, like raspberry, grapefruit, etc.

If you or your child have health issues as described above some crystals can support you in the healing process:- emerald, jade, rose quartz and aventurine.

Next time I will be addressing the Fifth Chakra – The Throat Chakra… speaking your truth in a loving way without the fear of hurting others, is akin to self-mastery, but so simple that we all can do it. Stay tuned

Lots of love and light,

Baroness Lidia Antunes-Frederico

About Baroness Lidia Antunes-Frederico

Lidia Frederico is a Consciousness Facilitator, Energy Therapist and Author. She is widely sought out by clients and media worldwide. Originally from Portugal, she now lives in London. Lidia’s gift is unique, as is her ability to empathize with others whatever their circumstances and profession might be. Her services can apply to anyone. yet they are highly personalized in approach. For a consultation, email: info@lidiafrederico.com

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