Do you live in a big city or spend a lot of time around other people? Whether you realize it or not, you may be under psychic attack. Try cleansing your aura to build up a shield of protection. This can help you to maintain your energy levels whilst keeping your mind and body calm, focused and clear.

Here are my 10 foolproof methods for Protection from Unwanted Energies



These colorful formations are like faithful friends when it comes to energy protection. The crystals that support cleansing and repel negative energies include black onyx, black obsidian, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, amethyst, fluorite and tigers eye. Always trust your intuition when choosing crystals but a general rule of thumb is that darker colored crystals tend to be better at absorbing negative energy and offering protection.

2.Imaginary Mirrors

This extremely effective method will put your powers of visualization to the test. Simply imagine two very large mirrors surrounding your body and reflecting outwards. See one across your chest and the other one on your back. Set the intention that whatever is being consciously or unconsciously sent to you will be returned with your love. That way you will only ever get love coming back to you.

3. Smudging

Burning native American white sage or ‘smudging’ is an ancient Shamanic practice that is believed to eradicate negative energies and spirits. Smudging is typically practiced in your home or office however you can also smudge objects and your aura.

4. Auric Sprays

Another very popular tool for instant protection. An experienced Reiki Master may offer a unique blend of essential oils, flower essences, crystal and sound frequencies in a misting bottle. If you are lucky enough to be working with a passionate energy healer, then make sure you purchase one from them on your next visit. This is one of the most powerful ways to dissolve bad energy and leave you feeling empowered.

5. White Light Meditation

Closing your eyes, take a few deep, mindful breaths to calm your heart and mind. Then in your mind’s eye imagine a beautiful, bright white light surrounding your entire body. Feel the light protecting, warming and comforting you. You can make the light as wide and as bright as you feel comfortable.

6. Prayer

 You’ve seen it in the movies dozens of times. Good old fashioned prayer is a more traditional method of protection. You can try writing your own chant or prayer remembering the most important thing is that it feels authentic to you and that you feel the intention behind every word.

7. Vibrational Remedies

Vibrational remedies are great for cleansing and protection. Dab a few drops of sandalwood oil on the back of your neck for psychic cleansing and protection. You can also cleanse your aura using an essential oil spray of lime, basil, bergamot and lavender. Fringed Violet Australian Flower Essence will protect you by healing any breaks in the aura and not allowing other peoples energies to affect yours.

8. Epsom Bath Salts

Set your intention to wash away all negativity from your being and then fill up a warm bath with a good sprinkling if Epsom salts. As you immerse yourself in the bath, imagine all the negative energy being washed away. Then pull out the plug and feel renewed as the stale frequencies are sucked down the drain.

9. Colored Light

Try bathing in colored light for ten minutes a day to strengthen your auric field. The higher frequency colors tend to have a greater impact such as violet or magenta but experiment with a few different colors and see what feels best for you.

10. Sound Frequencies

It has become increasingly popular for leading wellness centers to offer sound bathing classes such as crystal harmonics, singing bowls, binaural sounds or multidimensional music. These frequencies not only enhance the subtle bodies but also work on physical conditions too.


Please let me know if you have discovered any other methods in the comments section below. For extra guidance on how to protect yourself from an energy vampire remember to grab your free guide by clicking this link

About Hayden Crawford

Hayden is the Founder of Dreemtime Academy, Spiritual Teacher, Wellness Coach and Colour Therapist. He gives overwhelmed women permission to explore and rediscover their inner wisdom so they can live life with more joy and purpose. Hayden works closely with the Colour Mirrors system to help you achieve the best results in the quickest time. This exceptionally powerful, colour therapy system was created to promote both personal and spiritual transformation. Want to know more? Get your FREE Colour Mirrors Insights HERE to discover your biggest blockage to living a life full of love, abundance and happiness.

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