Your Passions are Calling…Are You Going to Answer? Find Your Passion!

PinAs our numerology charts all reveal we are each here for the unique purpose of conveying and expressing an individual message. Whether the message is big, small or any degree in-between, our life journey will lead us to explore, understand and express this message. We gain a lot of insight into the theme of this message through our dominant numbers(Life Path, Heart Number, Personality Number, Hidden Strength Numbers).

We are all unique beings…

No two people will be the same. As a global community we have the incredible opportunity to develop a world where people are awakened to their truth, embracing their light within and teaching or sharing their unique gifts with the world, while coexisting in harmony and peace.

What is Talent Anyways?

Everyone has talent and there is room for all people to express their strengths and individual expression. Often when talent is mentioned in the media or in community discussions it is categorized as the distinction talent = art.Talent must not be limited to the confines of only artistic expression.

Talent can be understood as the embodiment of our heart song, of our strengths and passions expressed through constructive action.

Through this perspective of talent all constructive qualities of the human condition can be embraced as talents. It is time for qualities such as diplomacy, meditation, organization, mediation, responsibility, leadership, constructive relationships (mother, father, wife, husband, brother, sister) among many others to be considered and respected as legitimate expressions of talent and passion in order to see the blossoming of this new phase of humanity.

Do What Makes YOU Happy

To contribute in the best way we each can, one fabulous tool we can each take on is doing more of what makes us happy. Our passions and talents hold major keys to the direction our journey’s are meant to go. When embraced we’ll often uncover a profound sense of happiness, joy and contentment. However stepping onto the path of following your heart, calling and passion can be confronting and at times scary.

” The more scared we are of a work or a calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it”. ~ Steven Pressfield, The War of Art The interesting thing to note about your path is no matter how much you resist what you are really here to do, the universe will find ways to bring you back to the same opportunity, the same place, the same path until you embrace it. 


Below is a 9 step integrative process designed to set you on your path of self expression, your truth and the full extension of your life’s purpose through your talents. Oh did we mention how easy and fun this will be? Enjoy!!

Step 1. Get real with yourself

To really gain insight into what ‘passion’ might be for you, think of the one dream that lights you up the most and makes your heart leap and at the same time totally scares the crap out of you. This happens because dreams of this magnitude are way bigger than what your mind may think is possible and is often completely different than the reality you experience currently. It’s ok, we’re just thinking here.

Step 2. Free flow day dreaming

What is the one thing if all circumstances were aligned would completely light your soul up to pursue. Just allow yourself the space and freedom to contemplate this for a few minutes. If your ego pipes up and tells you ‘this is silly,’ ‘it doesn’t matter,’ ‘it can’t happen,’ etc kindly acknowledge it and put those nagging thoughts on hold. Feel into the experience. To live your passion and your dream… how does that make you feel inside? Take note of where you feel it in your body.

Step 3. What is really in the way?

Now ponder what would you have to give up in order to see that dream begin to take shape. This could be giving up the defeating self talk, giving up your excuses, giving up any belief systems around lack and scarcity. Allow yourself to really get clear on what it is that is truly standing in the way of taking that first step.

Step 4. More real talk

Are you willing to give up all the things you just listed in the exercise above? If yes… proceed to the next question. If no proceed to the next question!

Step 5. The first step

Now hypothetically… if you were to take one action today towards the fulfillment of your dream, what would it be? This is just one simple step. It could be making a phone call, doing some research, practicing an instrument. Whatever it is for you is perfect, just do it.

Step 6. Set yourself up for ultimate success

Next… what would you need to do to ensure this step gets taken? Capability partners are really great tools for journeys of this magnitude. Ask a friend to be your support and you theirs. Share with them the action step you are going to take, when you are going to take it and all the things you are giving up to express your truth. Create a routine for success. Yes a routine. This is a routine by your design which allows you to have the space and time to invest into your dreams daily. Taking these actions first thing in the morning is something a lot of people have success with. However, what ever way works best for you is what you want to do. The key here is being consistent with yourself. Building your dreams is like building any muscle, you will indeed see epic results when you practice consistent and congruent action.

Step 7. Remember to breathe

Now take 3 deep, grounding breaths.

On the first inhale say in your mind as you breath in ‘Actually I Can!’  On the first exhale release all that no longer serves  On the second inhale say in your mind as you breath in ‘I am deeply worthy of __________!’ (state what your dream is) … On the second exhale release all that no longer serves  On the third inhale say in your mind as you breath in ‘I am fully deserving of my dream!’ (and state again what your dream is) … On the third exhale exhale gratitude Finally, take a few moments to reflect on all the things you are currently grateful for.

Step 8. Get moving

Take the action. Yes… right this moment. This is the step which sets the tone for your future and sets you up to stay motivated and inspired. What we do in this moment right now will determine our future. Taking a step towards your dream, your purpose and passion in this moment serves the world in a greater way than you may even know. One person courageous enough to embrace her divinely awesome talents, ripples love frequency out into the collective consciousness. (Thank you).

Step 9. Take it one step at a time

Once you have taken the first action step go back and repeat #5. This step is always fundamental in ensuring you know what your next action will be. Remember we always know what to do even if our ego attempts to tell us otherwise. If you ever find yourself saying ‘I don’t know what to do’ … take a moment and reassure yourself that you do indeed know what to do (remember… what we repeatedly tell ourselves we end up creating). After some self empowering self talk… go take a break and do something fun. When you come back from your fun time you will indeed know exactly what to do next. When we take it easy and one step at a time, dreams we once thought were so unattainable, are magically created into reality.

Live your path and find your passion.

Much Love in Numbers,

‘Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive’ ~ Howard Thurman