Your personality number describes how you have shaped your self-expression so that you can survive and thrive in society. Sometimes this number is interpreted as being the mask that you wear in public. Many people are surprised to discover that their personality number varies greatly from the “real you” that is expressed by Life Path, Destiny and Soul numbers.

To divine your personality number you must first take your name and reduce it down to all of its consonants.

For the purposes of an example, let’s use the name of Michael Joseph Jackson. Reduced to its consonants Michael Jackson’s birth name is reduced to:

Mchl Jsph Jcksn

Using the chart below you would then find the numerical equivalents of all of these letters and add them all together.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
– B C D – F G H –
J K L M N – P Q R
S T – V W X Y Z

Mchl Jsph Jckson becomes the equation:

4+3+8+3+1+1+7+8+1+3+2+5 = 46

This number is reduced down to a single digit by adding 4+6 = 10

And then 1+0 = 1

Michael Jackson’s Personality Number is a one.