The Universe is made up of varying frequencies of energy and vibration. Working with vibration in a clear and intentional way is the key to manifesting your deepest desires. One of my favorite energy medicines to work with is crystal energy.

Quartz crystal is readily available and a great place to begin incorporating crystal work into your daily practice.


What is Quartz Crystal?

Quartz is an amplifier of energy. It helps to concentrate desires and beam them into the Universe to attract the right energies and forces to make them manifest. The key to working with crystals lies in developing a relationship with the medicine and spirit of the specific crystal you choose to partner with.

How To Choose The Right Crystal For You

To choose your quartz crystal, find a local shop where you can browse the selection. Find what quartz crystals they offer. Don’t worry about the size of your crystal or whether it is tumbled or raw. Just look at the selection and find one that speaks to you. Let yourself be drawn to the right one.

You can simply close your eyes for a second and ask: which crystal would like to partner with me?

Then feel where you’re drawn. Look for a sense of magnetism in your hands or body pulling you in the direction of the crystal ally you are meant to work with. Just trust yourself during this process; your inner wisdom knows what is right.

Before really working ceremony with your crystal start developing a relationship with it!


Developing Your Relationship With Your Crystal

I like to wash my quartz crystals in fresh water and a bit of sea salt, asking the elemental spirits of air and salt to revitalize and refresh this crystal spirit. Again, trust your inner knowing during this process. See what feelings come up as you wash the crystal. Maybe you get a flash of insight or an inner prompting to do something with or for the crystal. Take note of what comes up.

Start developing a bond with your crystal by holding it daily. You can meditate with the crystal by placing it in your palm, on your heart center or in your lap, and taking a few minutes for stillness and contemplation. Just noticing how you feel and what bubbles up in your awareness.

Sometimes a crystal ally will prompt you to do certain things.

There’s a consciousness in crystal allies and they have specific likes and dislikes as well. Your crystal might want a little sunlight bath, or maybe it wants to rest on a bed of fresh flowers. Or, maybe you’re prompted to carry it in your left pocket. Trust this process and listen to the guidance.


I like to sleep with my crystal under my pillow or by my bedside to deepen the connection. When you’re drifting into the twilight state between waking and sleep, you’re in the receptive state where insight and intuition can sleep in. Your rational mind is suspended in such a way that magic becomes much more real and visceral. This is a great time to make these meaningful spirit connections.

After some time you’ll know when you can really begin doing ceremony with your crystal ally. It could be an instantaneous connection. Or it might take some time. These energetic beings are always working for your good if you make the commitment to connect with them. Don’t rush the process. You’re doing magic by cultivating a practice and awareness.

Crystal Ceremony to Manifest a Desire

  1. Take a sheet fresh sheet of paper and write out what you desire to manifest in your life. I suggest beginning with one main intention. Underneath your intention write: This or something better manifest in my life with the help of all good forces.
  2. Now fold the sheet of paper toward you.
  3. Hold your quartz crystal pyramid and begin focusing on your intention, feeling how life will be when your desire manifests. Then repeat out loud or in your mind: This or something better manifest in my life with the help of all good forces.
  4. Place the crystal and your intention paper into a velvet bag or in your sacred space. You can even keep it with you. Try holding it periodically and focusing on your desire.
  5. The more energy you give to this positive intention, the faster it will manifest in your life.

Leave a comment about how you connected with your crystal and how your crystal ceremony felt for you!