Touch wood. The neck of the woods.

The word wood conjures both the mundane and magical. Wooden objects are omnipresent, from utensils, furniture to edifices. In the realm of fiction, humble wood reminds us that there is something fantastic in the ordinary. Wizard wands are created from wood and help channel a sorcerer’s magic. In the real world, wood is utilized for buildings and used for centuries to create centers of spiritual power such as churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. Wood is one of the essential materials of civilization. It is the quiet power that created progress for humanity. But is there more to wood?

Magical, Mysterious Wood

Wood is organic and harnessed from trees. According to Native American lore, trees are living beings with awesome power and energy. These attributes are not really lost when trees are processed into objects. Its vibrational energy is carried over and influences the area and owner who utilizes it. Every tree that was cut down has stood for years and has lessons to impart. Its spiritual lessons live on. Discover how wood can empower your life with the following 10 spiritual gifts.   

1. The Tree of Beginnings

In Celtic lore, the Birch tree is valued as the tree of beginnings. It is a wood utilized for its purity. Birch indicates creativity, procreation, and renewal. It is strongly associated with the element of water. Birch is associated with the sun and the planet of love and beauty, Venus. It is a powerful symbolism of the Goddess tree, which rules the never-ending cycle of life and rebirth.

2. Protective Power

Place Juniper wood in a space and harness its magical attributes.

Juniper trees are considered to have a protective and healing ability. It creates an ambiance of peace and love. Juniper has the power to banish anything injurious to health. It is connected to the element of fire. Juniper is a symbol of long life. In floriology, or the language of flowers, Juniper symbolizes perfect beauty. Juniper is an aesthetic wood that holds mystical power. It is fine-grained and has a pinkish-red to brownish red color. This wood emits a fragrant, earthy smell. It is extremely light and durable, making it perfect for various applications.

3. Tree of Knowledge

Utilize spruce and harness great knowledge about healing. Spruce is the repository of knowledge in relation to diseases with metaphysical origins. The spirit of spruce is gentle. When you attune to spruce’s energy, you will find that animals will visit you, especially if you live near a forest area.

4. Compassionate and Loving Wood

Rosewood is a luxurious and elegant wood utilized in many high-end furniture. It is distinct for its small pores and medium texture. It emits a distinct rose-like scent. Rosewood energy is feminine and focuses on spiritual health, intuition, and beauty. Rosewood is a spiritually nourishing presence. When it comes to beauty, Rosewood is effective worn as a charm. It enhances female beauty and grace. Similar to rose quartz, it helps empower you in the dating game.

5. Wood of Spiritual Growth

Mahogany is one of the strongest woods. It is more stable and harder than other woods by as much as 70%. The reddish-brown hue of mahogany makes it an incredible material for fine furniture. Mahogany objects can be treasured for a lifetime. Metaphysically, mahogany is associated with spiritual growth and guidance. Surround yourself with mahogany when you need emotional and spiritual healing. Mahogany is said to withstand even lightning strikes. In the Harry Potter world, mahogany was the material of the wand of Harry’s father.

6. Wood With Revolutionary Energy

Maplewood is a rebellious and tough material. It indicates creation, revolution, beauty, and abundance. Maplewodd symbolizes imagination and originality. It is considered the traveler’s wood. People who thrive in change and excitement can benefit from Maplewood’s energy. Maple enhances intellectual power and promotes speedy learning these types of people crave.

7. The Wood of Kings

Oak is a spectacular wood utilized for centuries as an emblem of power. It is light-colored with prominent grains and a dense constitution. Oak is considered a sacred tree in many cultures. Its vibrational energy carries kingship and wise rule. When you surround yourself with oak, you make a statement of authority, power, and independence. Oak, as a symbol, creates fertility, abundance and invokes wisdom.

8. Medicinal Tree

Out of all the known woods, eucalyptus has the most powerful healing attributes. It has been utilized for centuries as part of healing rituals. Eucalyptus energy is pure and clean, similar to the earth it sprouted from. This wood is recommended for battling illnesses and promoting good health.

9. Wood for Astral Travels

Walnut wood is hard and heavy. It is warp-resistant and suffers minimal shrinkage. It holds mystical power such as teleportation and astral travel. Walnut wood energy enhances self-esteem and mental wisdom. A type of walnut wood, black walnut, has healing properties that can be harnessed to prevent and treat diseases.

10. Remove Negative Energy

Purpleheart wood is one of the strongest and most durable woods available. It is otherwise known as amaranth. Furniture designers who want a pop of color in their pieces add purpleheart details. When it comes to its symbolism, purpleheart is a highly spiritual wood. Its energy enhances creativity and knowledge. Utilize purpleheart in spiritual healing and other health issues. The presence of purpleheart eradicates negative energies, especially those that create strife in the home.

When You Dream of Wood…

Seeing wooden objects

You might be feeling rigid and emotionless. Your behavior might be too automated, which suggests that you are not thinking things through.

Carving wood

When you find yourself hewing wood in a dream, it indicates that you are using your creative power to mold and shape the course of your waking life. The carved wood symbolizes your spiritual power and vital energy.

Pile of wood

When you encounter a pile of wood, it symbolizes the warmth of being connected with others. On the other hand, it might indicate misunderstandings in relationships. It is also indicative of hard work that requires labor and diligence.

In Conclusion…

Wood is an amazing material that can be carved and hewed in varying shapes and designs. The grain and roughness of wood are beautiful in themselves. Wood is directly harnessed from the earth and carries its vibrational energies. It is known for its spiritual and mythic properties. The spiritual power of wood is carried over in the objects they are made into. Harness the gifts of wood and level up your spiritual power and strength.