If you thought crystals were just inanimate objects, then you better think again!

Crystals are conscious beings: fine and pure carriers of ancient wisdom.

Each holds a different vibration that can be tapped into and drawn upon for specific healing purposes.
Believe it or not, the ancients used crystal technology like we use our computers. Though working with crystals is a two-way process, their power isn’t just something to be consumed.

One of the most ubiquitous stones for the new paradigm is Rose Quartz.


Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love

Used for millennia to open and strengthen the heart, it inspires beauty, appreciation, and bonding. This pure pink form of quartz holds a fine vibration that is strongly attuned to the frequency of the Earth. It aligns strongly with the frequency of the divine feminine, and the sacredness that lives deep within the folds of our planet.

Rose Quartz was understood by the ancients to be an incredibly precious stone, and today it’s no different.


  • Month Association / Birthstone: May
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Libra
  • Planetary Association: Venus,
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Keywords: Love, forgiveness,

Other names:

  • Pink quartz
  • Hyaline



1. Opening the Heart chakra

Rose Quartz is known to work directly with the heart chakra. It’s gentle pink color mirrors that of the heart chakra (which is green on the outside, yet soft pink within).

Placing a piece of this powerful crystal on the heart, during meditation, or even making an elixir and applying it to this chakra can have powerful healing benefits.

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2. Emotional healing

Closely connected to healing matters of the heart, rose quartz crystal also holds an encompassing and compassionate healing energy that offers help with all sorts of emotional healing.

As the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz crystal promotes forgiveness and surrender.

3. Removing blocks to love

This particular kind of quartz can offer true insights into our personal blocks to love, when you work with her closely.

Unwind the grip of disease, by meditating with a piece of rose quartz, and let negative energies fall away. Often it’s not fully clear what our blocks and barriers are. They may come from trauma buried so deep, or form ancestral wounding we couldn’t comprehend.

Yet the healing properties of rose quartz don’t need cognitive understanding to be effective. Whatever stands in the way of love is simply incompatible with this crystal, so releasing it can become unconscious, and ultimately graceful.

4. Skin clearing / removing scars

A little known healing benefit of this gentle pink crystal, is that of clearing the skin.

Used all over the ancient world for its clarifying properties, you can now purchase facial rollers made from rose quartz! Rolled over scaring, these reduce inflammation and even out skin tone.

Alternatively, try making your own rose quartz skin toner.

  • Rince a piece of rose quartz crystal in clean water.
  • Then place it in a glass jar or bowl and cover with some more fresh, clean water.
  • Place this outside at sunrise (don’t worry if it’s a cloudy day). Let it steep, soaking up the Sun’s rays for the whole day.
  • Bring it in at sunset.
  • Remove the quartz, and use the water to rinse and tone your face.

5. Igniting joy

Wearing a pendant, or carrying this healing stone around with you is a gentle, yet powerful way of bringing more joy into your life.

As well as clearing the auric field, and helping to dispel negative emotions, rose quartz will fill you up with love and compassion.

6. Increasing Self-love

For a lot of us, especially women, self-love isn’t automatic. It’s something we have to work at – it’s a practice. As the quartz crystal of love and femininity, there’s no better stone to use, to learn to shower a little more love onto yourself.

Program positive affirmations into a piece of rose quartz crystal and carry it with you. Do this by speaking into the crystal, or feeling with your full intent, certain loving phrases.

Crystals hold intention, and radiate it back out. So your rose quartz stone will become a talisman of love and self-worth.

7. Increasing intimacy

Holding powerful love energy, this pink stone will serve to increase intimacy in any existing relationships. Keeping a piece or two by your bedside will also serve to amp-up your connection between the sheets!

8. Improving bonding (esp. during pregnancy)

It’s well known that rose quartz radiates love. (it’s why so many people call it the “love stone”).

This is why it can hugely benefit pregnant women, who are literally growing into a whole new way of loving, and being loved. If a woman has any issues with bonding, or settling into her new role as a mother, then rose quartz can gently

9. Healing the Mother wound

As a deeply feminine stone, rose quartz can also heal intergenerational trauma passed from mother to daughter.

Find out more about the Mother Wound here.

10. Restoring trust

For deep spiritual healing, one of the most profound properties of this incredible mineral is how it can serve to restore trust where it’s been broken.

Where re-commitment is needed, through a strengthening of the heart rose quartz is your go-to healing crystal!

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