Long gone are the days when crystals are thought of as inanimate objects, gathering dust at the back of the shelves.

Crystals are conscious beings

Holding fine vibrations of healing and wisdom, crystals are one of our major way-showers into the New Earth. Ancient, and full of deep earth energy (literally!) crystals offer greater gifts than many of us could imagine.

Deep, solid black, onyx is one of the most potent crystals for the new age!

PinOnyx is a protector: It transmutes negativity and brings strength.

Formed in the gas chambers of cooling lava pools, onyx is actually a form of microcrystalline quartz known as chalcedony. Often occurring with black and white layers, this duel-colored stone is referred to as onyx, whilst the pure, solid black crystal is known as “black onyx”.

Black onyx is by far the most common kind, yet depending on the minerals present, this stone can also be found as red onyx, blue onyx, green onyx. Brown-banded onyx is also known as sardonyx.


  • Month Association / Birthstone: December
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Leo
  • Planetary Association: Saturn
  • Chakra: Root
  • Keywords: Protection, grounding, strength

Read on to discover why you should add onyx to your spiritual toolkit…


1. Grounding

With a rich black color, and with a heavy earth connection, black onyx is one of the most grounding stones out there. Connected to the base chakra, it has properties that strengthen this energy center above all others. Hold a piece whilst meditating or shamanic journeying, and it will keep you anchored into the earth plane.

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Black onyx is also a great gemstone to carry if you tend to dissociate with your body, or spend a lot of time online or up in the mental levels of your being.

2. Psychic Protection

Tied to its grounding effects, black onyx is also particularly effective as a psychic protector. 

This doesn’t just mean it’s useful in intentional psychic work. It’s also a great gemstone to keep handy if you work with difficult of needy people, or need to go into dangerous or threatening environments.

3. Preventing the Escape of Personal Energy

If your aura is wide open, (also meaning, if you’re a trusting, receptive person), then you probably find that certain people exhaust you.

These folks (even though they may not realize they’re doing it) have a habit of bleeding your energy. And unbeknownst to you, you are letting it escape.

Onyx is a stone that can stop this energy leak in its tracks.

Wearing a black onyx ring, or a black onyx necklace (or simply carrying a piece of the beautiful chalcedony in your pocket) can help to protect you, ensuring your energy stays where it belongs.

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4. Improves Self-Control

Whether you’re someone who loses your temper, or someone who struggles to get motivated, black onyx can help you with self-control.

As a strength-giving stone of deep wisdom (as all crystals are) onyx will give you what YOU need.

5. Reducing Stress

With a deep connection to the root chakra, black onyx helps to reduce stress by bringing it to the Earth, meaning that She is able to transmute it. You don’t need to even be on the Earth to do this – onyx crystal is intrinsically tied to the Earth, so will enable this exchange even when you’re far, far away.

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Keeping a handful of onyx gemstones on your desk at work is a great remedy to stress, especially if you work in a stressful environment.

6. Reducing Fear

Another function and meaning of this deeply grounding crystal is to reduce fear.

Soothing and strengthening, onyx has less of the nurturing properties of other forms of quartz, (such as rose quartz, or clear quartz) and more of an ability to bring forth the kind of personal power that can get through anything!

Wearing black onyx jewelry is a great way to dispel the kind of negative energy that induces fear, and instead, summon inner strength.

7. Bringing Endurance

Alongside that inner strength, black onyx enables endurance and stamina.

For those going through extended periods of hardship, or dealing with exhaustive personal circumstances, this potent little stone can be a huge blessing

8. Healing Grief

Grief is no walk in the park, and it expresses itself in many different ways. As a stone of transmutation, black onyx helps a sufferer to move through emotional healing with more ease, without bypassing the necessary stages.

9 Improving Concentration

Often used by those who need to focus their will, the black onyx gemstone has the uncanny ability to block out distractions.

10. Strengthening Bones, Teeth, Nails and Hair

As the stone of Zodiac sign Capricorn, onyx has powerful healing properties that pertain to the structure of the body.

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The onyx stone can work to strengthen bones and teeth, especially when taken as an onyx elixir.

Here’s how:

  • Rince a piece of onyx in clean water.
  • Then place it in a glass jar or bowl and cover with some more fresh, clean water.
  • Place this outside at sunrise (don’t worry if it’s a cloudy day). Let it steep, soaking up the Sun’s rays for the whole day.
  • Bring it in at sunset.
  • Remove the stone, and use the elixir as a tonic to drink, or as a mouthwash to rinse your teeth.

What are YOUR favorite grounding, and healing crystals? Let us know in the comments below!