This week’s theme is ACCEPTANCE and the chakra we are focusing on for healing is the 1st chakra. This is the chakra at the bottom of the tailbone and it is the color red. Our affirmation is: I allow myself to feel safe and grounded.

Legend of Cherry Heart

Cherry Heart is a waitress and has a pretty good life but she can’t help but feel like she’s missing something. She’s afraid her boyfriend is cheating on her and she’s deep in thought when a customer orders a piece of pie. As she’s taking a slice out of the container she feels like she is missing a slice of something in her life and doesn’t feel whole or complete.

She turns to her friend and tells her my boyfriend is being a jerk and suddenly I’m questioning everything in my life. Her friend tells her, “Cherry what if you aren’t a round pie, what if you are a heart-shaped pie?” Suddenly Cherry can see her life from a different perspective which inspires her to make some changes, the first one being to dump her current boyfriend. As soon as she sets off on this new journey a new guy shows up and sweeps her off her feet.

The moral of the story: Sometimes a shift in perspective can make all the difference.

Embrace Imperfections

No one is perfect. Stop being so hard on yourself. Make the best with what you have and keep moving forward as Cherry Heart did. Engage friends and family to help you see things from a different point of view. Sometimes we get caught up in our own little world and don’t see things the same as an outsider might.

3 Words to Rebalance Your 1st Chakra

How can embrace yourself and feel good in your skin? These 3 words will assist you in releasing self-doubts and criticism.

1. Manifesting

Focus on what you desire in your life, not what you have that you don’t like.

2. Knowledge

Talk to others, do your research get a different perspective of the situation. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and simply having a conversation with a friend like Cherry did can open up a whole new way of viewing yourself and the situation.

3. Luck

Lady Luck is always on your side when you believe in her. Repeat daily: I am lucky in love, I am lucky in life, I have good luck on my side. And if you don’t believe in luck than believe in fate or destiny and trust that things are unfolding for you, not to you.

“Shift Your Perception” Meditation

Take a nice deep breath and close your eyes (if you’re able).

Continue breathing deeply and completely for 3 full breaths.

Now with your mind’s eye, I want you to imagine Cherry Heart, call her in with all of her grace and beauty and strength.

I want you to just open your heart to her. What can we learn from Cherry Heart?

Thank her for coming.

She gifts you a slice of pie. What flavor is it?

See that slice as what you might be missing in your life.

Do you feel like you’re missing something?

Do you feel like you didn’t get the love you always wanted or you didn’t get the children you wanted or you weren’t able to go to school or you didn’t get that great promotion that would have changed everything?

What does that slice represent that you’re missing in your life?

Now just allow this slice to become a gift. Something you’ve always wanted. So instead of it representing what you’re missing allow it to be transmuted into your deepest desire.

See that slice as a new meaning in your life. Really ultimately, isn’t it all about feeling complete, feeling wanted, needed, loved? And you don’t need to look outside yourself for that.

You can get that inside!

Shift that perspective. You have the power to do that to create anything in life that you want.

Go ahead and take a nice deep breath and open your eyes.

What new awareness have you gained with this meditation I’d love to hear about it in the comments below and what flavor of pie was that slice that Cherry gave you?!?

This meditation is going to help you heal and clear any blockages in that 1st chakra which is all about feeling safe and secure.

Question of the Week

Am I assessing myself accurately?

Last week we looked at the 2nd chakra with service and this week we are healing the 1st chakra with acceptance. It’s important to be kind to yourself and see things with fresh eyes. When you feel good about the unstoppable force that you are it’s easy to make changes in your life and to keep growing. Don’t sell yourself short. When things don’t always go your way it’s easy to blame yourself, but remember you have the power to create again if you don’t like where you are.

Go ahead, I’d love to know what flavor pie came up during the meditation. My favorite is Reeses Peanut Butter cup or Apple!

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet?  That way you’ll be notified as soon as my forecast goes live so you won’t miss a thing. I hope you enjoyed this healing today. Thank you for sharing this forecast if it resonated with you.

May you embrace all that you are and find new ways to love yourself.

Angel Hugs,

Julie Geigle


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