What Chakra is Being Healed this Week?

The chakra that we are focusing on this week is the 3rd chakra and it is yellow, the color of the sunshine, and it is the element of fire. It is located in your solar plexus which is the belly button area.

Is your  3rd Chakra out of Alignment?

You’ll know this chakra is out of alignment if you are feeling indecisive in your life, if you’re having self-esteem issues, beating yourself up a lot or if you’re feeling over controlling. Those are all symptoms or signs that your 3rd chakra needs some help.

3 Tips to Realign Your 3rd Chakra

  1. Think yellow and eat yellow; bananas, sunflower seeds, cheese. Those foods are going to help realign that 3rd chakra.
  2. Grab your LEMON essential oil or grapefruit or orange and use that every single day this week on your 3rd chakra.
  3.  Get yourself some SUNSHINE. Go outside, walk in the sun, grab yourself a sunny spot by a window and really soak in that sun. As you’re soaking in the sun I want you to imagine that sunshine is really going into that 3rd chakra, clearing out any blockages and rebalancing, realigning it right now.
  4. My last tip for healing that 3rd chakra this week is to imagine a sunflower. Just take a nice deep breath and I want you to imagine a beautiful sunflower that’s just kind of laying on top of that solar plexus, that belly button area. Just imagine absorbing that glorious energy of that sunflower. Imagine that sunflower dissolving and clearing out any interference that you’re feeling in your life in regards to being decisive, and standing in your power and having strong confidence. Take a nice deep breath and just feel that healing. And that healing is going to continue with you all week long.

Where is your energy best spent this week?

This week your energy is best spent on things that you LOVE to do. If it’s mundane, find a way to make it FUN.

Ask yourself: “Where can I infuse more happiness, more joy into my everyday life?”

Again, find a reason to smile, grab something that makes you laugh, dance with delight throw on your favorite music and just dance around with wild abandonment to engage that beautiful, sunshine energy.

This week I’m also seeing there’s something big happening. Maybe you just moved, or you’re in the process of changing jobs, or there’s a new romance or marriage that’s happening. That exciting energy is what this week is all about, it’s all about ushering in this beautiful new energy of joy. This energy is going to be part of the year for you, it reminds me of Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

You know that your 3rd chakra is in alignment when you are decisive when you take action, there’s no more second-guessing. You do what needs to be done and you get it done. That’s the energy we are pulling into our life for this week. It’s much lighter and not so heavy.

Remember you have a higher purpose and you are here to impact many, many lives so it’s really important for that 3rd chakra to be in harmony and balance so that you can show up in a bigger and brighter way not only for yourself but for those around you.

May you have a beautiful and blessed day and may miracles surround you always.