This week’s theme is MYSTICISM and the chakra we are focusing on for healing is the 6th chakra. This is the third-eye chakra and it is the color purple. Our affirmation is: I am in perfect communication with my spiritual team and receive concise and clear messages.

Legend of Aubergine

A woman named Aubergine calls to confirm that she will be attending the meeting tonight. She was not invited and no one knows who she is. There are four people coming, a husband and wife and another woman and man who do not know each other. If she was the guest of the man certainly he would have called to let them know. The meeting is about to begin and Aubergine approaches. Turns out she is the woman that will be with us tonight.

Wise Observer

The legend teaches us not to jump to conclusions and to trust that everything is in perfect and Divine order. As we take a step back this week and allow our powers of observation to come to the forefront it will be sure to head off any trouble or unnecessary miscommunications that are notorious during Mercury Retrograde.

Being comfortable not knowing or understanding what is happening is not easy, but it is also not necessary to fear. Try to shift your perception from fearing the unknown to being excited for the unknown, because in that space of not knowing the possibilities are infinite.

Once you define the unknown you begin to limit your experience of what is possible. Bask in the field of possibilities just for a moment and be comfortable with not knowing what is next.


3 Words to Open your Third Chakra

Are you feeling like your intuition is blocked and you can’t tune into that inner voice? Here are three words that will help clear out and rebalance that third eye so you receive clear and concise communication from your spiritual team.

1. Intuition

Every day spend 5 minutes focusing on opening your third eye by rubbing the space between your eyes and saying “Activate, Activate, Activate” three times. Then throughout the day pay attention to signs or messages you receive from your team.

2. Courage

It takes courage to listen to your inner voice. Stop arguing with yourself and trust that you really are communicating with your Spiritual team and God, the Divine source energy. Stand in your power and believe in yourself.

3. Uncharted

As you align with your higher self uncharted territory opens up for exploration and discoveries. You are so much more than what the eye sees or the heart knows. Remove the limits you’ve placed on yourself and watch what unfolds.

“Staring Down Your Fears” Meditation

Take a nice deep breath and close your eyes (if you’re able).

Continue breathing deeply and completely for 3 full breaths.

I want you to see yourself in a crystal clear pool and as you wade in the water a whirlpool swirls toward you and catches you. You begin spinning about feeling lost and hopeless.

Aubergine is afraid you will leave if she doesn’t hold you captive. Your attempts to assure her go unheard. She doesn’t believe you. Her doubts and insecurities are too strong.

You have met your own fear.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Consider these questions:

1. What is real?

2. What is imagined?

3. What is no longer necessary?

This meditation is going to help you heal and clear any blockages in that 6th chakra which is all about paying attention to your inner voice.


Question of the Week

Am I ignoring my intuition?

Last week we looked at guilt with the 2nd chakra and this week we move into the 6th chakra with mysticism. The definition of mysticism is “the belief that it is possible to directly obtain truth or achieve communication with God or other forces controlling the universe by prayer and contemplation.” (Cambridge English Dictionary)

I am a Mystic and I love this word, mysticism. It’s the mystery of God and belief all rolled up and sprinkled with conversation and communication. It reminds me that I am not alone and there are many in God’s kingdom assisting me. This is such a lovely them for the week of the Full Moon and our Mercury Retrograde in full swing. Slow down and trust that still, small voice within. You really are talking to God, to your Spiritual team whatever you call that connection for yourself.

It’s real.

The more you acknowledge this the stronger it gets!

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May you laugh in the face of fear and revel in the delights of the unknown.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle