7th Chakra is Being Healed this Week

The chakra we are focusing on for healing this week is the 7th chakra which is our connection with the Universe and disperses the universal life force energy into all of the chakras below it.

Here’s how you can heal your Crown Chakra if it’s out of balance.

Question of the Week:

Am I waiting for someone’s permission to create my life? What do I really want?

Where is your energy best spent this week?

The question for this week to heal the 7th chakra and help you move back into alignment is “What do I really want?” Last week we talked about prayer and what are you praying for along with no regrets. This week we’re taking that a step further and opening up to the magic of life. We are opening up to more. We are on this beautiful spiritual journey and it really is simply about realizing there’s more than just working and eating and cleaning. There’s more and you deserve more!

Support From The Universe

The universe is supporting you this week in imagination and inspiration and really shooting for the stars. Possibilities are unlimited. So what are you passionate about? That’s the perfect place to start. I remember, I used to be a school teacher and when I got to that point of I’m not sure I really want to do this for the rest of my life I asked God the question… If not this then what?

I began to explore some of the hobbies and passions that I had in my life and just started playing and having fun. And this is what was born – I opened my own business and work for myself. What are you passionate about? What gifts would you like to develop or share with other people?

You don’t need anybody’s permission.

You have done everything for everybody else long enough. It is time for you. It is time for you to step up and say “NO, this is going to be about me,” and that’s okay! It really is. You don’t want to be in somebody else’s shadow your whole life. Serving is great but you also need to fill up your own cup.

Feminine Energy Rising

This week we can feel that feminine energy rising up. It’s very soft and loving, warm and fuzzy but she’s also assertive. She’s the Momma bear and she gets things done. That beautiful energy is surrounding you this week whether you’re a guy or a gal it doesn’t matter that energy is supporting you in fulfilling some of those long-time dreams that you’ve had. The days of waddling with the ducks are done. You are destined for more. You were destined to soar with the Eagles. You’ve earned your wings and it’s time to take flight.