Question of the Week:

“Am I ready to let go and release my past?”

Where is your energy best spent this week?

The card that I pulled from our chakra deck is RELEASE. This week we’re jumping deep into family of origin issues and doing some intense work that’s all about releasing.  I know it’s a painful place to go for lots of us, but we’re just going to dig in and do it.

You are invited to stop running from your pain and to just face it. Take responsibility for anything that you’ve done wrong and stop the blame game. It’s nobody’s fault. So whether you’ve been really hard on yourself for something you’ve done or another person, it’s time to just let it go to release it and be free.

It’s important this week to let go of those judgments. Stop judging. Stop judging yourself, stop judging other people, remember when we are in alignment with the universal truth nothing is ever an accident. Everything is always in perfect and Divine order. So whatever you said, whatever you did even though it may have been awful or you feel horrible about it, what’s done is done you can’t go back and fix it or change it.

Face the pain, be aware of the pain in your heart and let it be whatever it needs to be. Sometimes just holding that space of acceptance and total surrender will help the pain move through. When you step into complete acceptance that’s when grace comes in and dissolves it and moves it out.

Grace releases that energy and a beautiful transformation comes in. See the situation for what it is, see that experience for what it is. Move on. This is a beautiful way for us to end April, we’ve got that awesome New Moon coming in the end of this week with fresh starts and new beginnings.

Remember the way out is through. You can’t go around it. There’s no more hiding. You have to face it and that’s how you’ll get through it. The way out is through.

The question that I want you to answer in the comments below is “Am I ready to let go and release my past?” Remember this is a family of origin issue that we are working on clearing and really healing on a deeper level. “Am I ready to free the past and let go?” Drop a comment below, if you will, and share what your favorite part of our forecast was today.

I hope you enjoyed these messages. Thank you for sharing this forecast if it resonated with you. May you be blessed with love and miracles every single day.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle