The Grieving Process

This week we dive into healing the 5th chakra embracing the energy of BITTERSWEET.  Oftentimes we are grieving in the same breath we are celebrating. Life goes on. We wake up each day and continue moving forward no matter how sad or depressed we might be. We put a smile on our face and celebrate that birthday party or milestone in a friend’s life. The universe has a way of using this forward motion to help us move through our grief, little by little.

This Too Shall Pass

The passing of all things is inevitable. The more we try to hang onto the memories or the routines of the past the more stuck we become. This week allow yourself to let go and release the pain trusting that as that space opens up, something wonderful will fill its place. Find that silver lining in the cloud. Maybe your favorite aunt passed and the memories of times shared seem overwhelming, but you find quite unexpectedly that she thought of you in her will. She doesn’t want you to be sad because she’s gone, she wants you to be happy that you’re still alive and the biggest gift you can give her is to live the life that she can’t.

Honor Other People’s Decisions

Another component of our healing this week is honoring the decisions that others make. Each of us is simply doing our best every day. Drop the judgments and let that person make their own mistakes. You may know best but they learn the most from experience not from following your every suggestion. You don’t need to protect anyone. Your only purpose in their life is to be the light, a safe place to fall, not the person that said: “I told you so.”

Slow Down

As we move through the week healing the 5th chakra, slow down, choose your words wisely, if you are grieving know that it’s okay to enjoy and celebrate your life and the lives of those around you and remember to respect the decisions of others. Sometimes lovingly asserting yourself is about supporting others instead of telling them what to do.

Question of the week:

Can I see the strength in the choices of others?

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May your chakras be aligned and your heart filled with love.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle