PinHello Everyone. We’re heading into the time of Gemini, the social butterfly of the zodiac. Gatherings, parties, socializing, reconnecting are all part of the theme of the next 30 days. Communicate to mend fences, express yourself to feel more free and open, laugh a lot!

May 17 – Adjustment & Restlessness

On May 17th, Neptune and Jupiter create an inconjunct, a time of adjustment and restlessness. Its a time when you might believe pie in the sky with all your heart, only to drop out of the dream and fall flat on the concrete. Whatever ideas you have going on this day, just think about it and be patient before you take action because it could be all smoke and mirrors.

May 18 – 19 – Discovery & Productivity

On May 18-19th Saturn and Uranus are having a happy dance together, a trine aspect. Old school meets new ideas, and finds a way to make it happen with a little of both sides playing their part. Also a time when amazing discoveries happen. It’s a solid productive day. Even though it is an exact aspect on these days, its effects are taking place as we speak and lasts through the first half of June. Its a time when you can make major changes in your life and succeed in getting there. This is a rare aspect when these two Titans come together, and both being in fire signs now, Sagittarius and Aries, gives it super momentum for change. Seriously consider changing your life in a dramatic way, and do it!. This year is screaming at us to reinvent ourselves and this is the catalyst. This conjunction happens again in November, when we can wrap up the changes, and then it won’t happen again until March 2047.

May 19 – Lazy, Lounging Kind Of Day

May 19, Venus opposes Jupiter, creating a lazy attitude which may have you ignoring all your good ideas in favor of a lounging do-nothing day. or over-indulging. Keep the credit card in your purse and buy a piece of chocolate, not a box. Find a happy medium, get some things done, then go into relaxation mode early on, vs going out for a wild evening which might end with regret.

May 20 – Communication, Play, & Socializing For Next 30 Days

May 20th Gemini becomes our ruler for 30 days. Gemini, the twins, is about communication and socializing. Its the perfect time to start writing a book, or wrap it up. Get into that video blogging finally. Watch more news and get informed. Call up old pals and make a date to reconnect. Throw a party; hang with friends as much as you can. This is one of the most playful times of the year, make the most of it! It’s also good to talk things out finally.

May 23 – June 7 –  Challenging Times Ahead

May 23rd is a tough aspect of Mars, Saturn and Chiron in a T-Square. This is in effect until June 7th. Your inner child might start to cry and have a sense of sadness. You feel vulnerable, too insecure to stand up for yourself. But this is a time to look at pain and HEAL. Chiron, the wounded healer, is giving us a chance to cleanse the pains of the past and renew ourselves. It’s time to forgive and let go. The past cannot be changed, and holding onto it only means you are still suffering. Let it go. Forgive. Heal. Get some therapy; self help tapes; books about letting go of pain and do it. This is the perfect time to let something really big from your past finally get put to rest. It’s all worth it. Do the work and be free.

May 25 – New Moon Restart & Refresh

May 25th is a New Moon in Gemini, the Messenger of the Gods (Mercury). I love New Moons and you should too. Once a month, 12 times a year, the Universe gives us a chance to start anew. Let go of some things that really aren’t working for you; do something you’ve never done before and see if you like it – like go to an Art Gallery vs your usual Rock Concert; wear a color you hardly ever use; etc. Be creative, inventive, try to change yourself, broaden your horizons. Gemini is a happy place to try on something new. They love fun, new things, communication (get a new electronic device today), gatherings, New Moons are also good for hair cuts. Make this a joyous day for you and add a layer to yourself that has never been there before. Whatever seeds you plant on a new moon bear fruit. Make it a proactive day.

Also on May 25th is Venus in Aries (not a great place for her) is squaring Pluto (power) in Capricorn. Someone might pull a power play, or you will see someone more clearly for the first time, and not really like what you see. But this is good, know the real person and decide if you want that in your life is the message of this energy.

May 29 – Possible Stressful Day

On May 29th, Mars in opposition to Saturn as noted above, will tighten our stress. Saturn restricts, Mars wants to go, go, go. Mars is never the winner in this scenario. If Saturn says “sit” then you must. So Mars will be pretty unhappy at being controlled, and this can bring up big authority issues for you. It’s not a time to confront your boss, or tell someone off. It’s a day to zip your lip and live to fight another day!!

May 30 – Surprises & Ideas

May 30th, Mars is sextile Uranus. This could mean surprising news, a great idea, and action is favored in a very good way.

May 31 – Freedom Takes Foot

On May 31st Mars leaves his stay with Saturn, and goes into sextile to Uranus. Things will get exciting, even though that May 23rd T-Square is still going on, we start to see movement, breaking up our patterns of being stuck, not letting go. This aspect gives you the energy to say to hell with the past and let it go. Attach the pain to a hot air balloon and let it float away. Tell that person, in your mind, that you forgive them and mean it. Freedom is the message of the day.

See you in June. Love, Yvonne