january horoscopes 1PinHappy 2017 everyone. Welcome to the new cycle of events. 2016 was the ending of a 9 year cycle, which then 2017 becomes a #1 year launching a new 9 year cycle. So the whole world is in relaunch. #1 years are always new beginnings, but as they are new, there is a lot of mistakes and successes side by side, as we find our way on our new path and as we learn to “own” our new life/selves. #2 year is balancing and requires a lot of compromise and inner balancing of the masculine and feminine. #3 year is harmony, a kind of break from two years of hard work. #4 year is a tons of hard work as you begin to actually build your new world on a solid foundation. #5 is changes, and more changes and creativity and fun- expect the unexpected. #6 is love, whether that’s another person or love of your life or your life’s work. #7 is about looking within and connecting to your spiritual self as a year long focus and #8 is about being the boss, owning responsibility, accomplishment. And #9 is ending this cycle, letting things go to make room for the new, and keeping only what you truly treasure in your life.

In 2016 I cleaned my house like a fool for the last six months, making room for lots of new. I know this year is going to be very busy and full of changes and opportunities, and by cleaning out so much clutter and unwanted things from my environment, a true feng shui curing, and my personal sanctuary has a new kind of energy, with open space making room for the new that is coming into my life. And the Astrology for 2017 concurs completely with this energy of lots of new, lots of letting go, lots of fighting for what we want, lots of change – and of owning your personal power.

Astrological Shift – December 26th

The Astrological mood shifted on December 26th, when the big outer planets – Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all moved on the chess board to places of confrontation. And this includes the Wounded Healer, Chiron, who is pushing our “stuff” to the surface so we cannot hide from it anymore. We are heading into a major Pluto cycle, where endings are coming to make way for new beginnings – a Phoenix rising from the ashes energy. But each of these big planets has their own agenda, which may not blend with the others, and there comes the stress, the fighting, the battles to hold onto what is good, while releasing what is not working. And this is also true on a personal level. What happens “out there” is also happening “within” us, because we are all part of this one piece of fabric and experiencing it simultaneously. And hiding from the work; avoiding the work; not facing the work you need to do within, can no longer be ignored. It’s in your face, and you are going to be stressed until you start to change.

So CHANGE and stop prolonging the pain.

It starts with asking yourself what is really important and what is mind numbing stupid stuff that fills our world and diverts us from reality? Is your cracked nail polish really that important? What if you start doing your own nails, keep them clear polished and give that money for your nails to help the 24% of American children who go to bed hungry EVER SINGLE NIGHT. Stop doing TV marathons and look into organizations who can help our world be a better place. Remember, advertising is about making money and selling you something. It’s not about selling you something that you need or is good for you quite often, but its getting you to open your wallet and BUY. Stop squandering your money on stupid stuff and save it, give it to charity, or work less and give yourself more free time to enjoy friends, family or be with yourself for inner exploration of self. Money and possessions do NOT bring happiness.

What The Universal Energy Is Demanding…

january horoscopes 2PinThe new call is to GET INVOLVED and make the world a better place by being of service to others. I don’t care if its helping the elderly, children, the environment, animals, global warming fixes, etc. Just be of service. And from this service you will receive personal joy, spiritual kudos and epiphanies about what’s important and what isn’t – and then “they” no longer control you because you are your own person who listens to your gut, not TV commercials and magazines. It is time for your personal power and to stand up to wrongs in the world. Protest wrongs via marches, letter writing, blogs, etc and make your opinion known. And ask yourself if that opinion is good for the many or only the few, and then you know if you need to expand your thinking and embrace the world, not your personal circle, or you’re on the right path, because we have to do this together and join hands to make the world a better place for us all.

For example, seeing all this racism and sexism come to a head shocks me frankly. Making yourself feel superior to someone else only showcases how very insecure you are. What are you lacking that makes you lash out at others? Perhaps you need to look within, face that pain that created this mindset and release it. We are ALL God’s children. Black people were born closer to the equator, so their skin has adapted and is darker; brown people live further from the equator and their skin is not as dark; while white people are from cold places with less sun, so they are lighter. That’s it. The different races are just geography. Help the bigots in your life get that.

Women are 51% of the world, can you really disrespect their contribution and importance and be sane? Women create community; birth and generally speaking, raise the children; they nurture and support; they generally keep the homes clean and cook for the family; they go out into the world to work out of want or need and carry a heavy burden of responsibility every day. Reducing them to sex objects is what a pubescent boy does, not men in the grown up world. Hating someone because of their race or sex is like telling your right arm you hate your left arm. They are a team and need each other to work well together. We all have two eyes, two hands, two feet, two lungs, two ears, two arms, two lobes in the brain, two legs – hmmm I see a pattern here. This is our physical duality of the yin/yang or masculine and feminine energy creating balance in the body (and I am sure to leave us with ONE in case of accidents). And its all about balance. We must respect people of every race, of every walk of life (thank God the Plumber will come and clear up my clogged toilet and the garbage man who takes away the trash from my house – these are great, hardworking, essential people in our lives, so why do we belittle them, like we do teachers who spend more time with our kids than we do in terms of one on one attention?) Our world is upside down and to make it right side up, we must change ourselves then the boat turns around and we are on a happy journey together.

January 1, 2017 is the first step in becoming whole, healed and empowered with confidence

The astrology this month is quirky, conflicted, stressful, surprising and sometimes scary. You have to be a grownup to face what is coming, which is why finding your balance is so important. Knowing yourself, being comfortable in your own skin, is key to your character. It’s time to be YOU and not someone else because society has convinced you to ignore your true self and be like everyone else. Exploring who you are and finding the courage to come out into the world as that person is serious stuff. But being a clone, or hiding your true self, will never bring you happiness so you have to make changes.

So here’s what Astrology aspects affect us the first half of January 2017.

On January 3rd Venus enters Pisces, making us dreamy and soft-hearted for about 3 weeks. Venus is exalted here and a great placement for love. Bond with people and lovers. Make new friends, find a lover. It’s about emotions and connection via the Universal love connection.

January 6 & 7 Sun conjunct Pluto. You might get some good news, but it could also go wrong. I suggest you walk softly and carry a big stick, and wait for another day to make deals if you can.

January 8 Mercury goes direct. Yippee!! Our minds will take a couple more days to shake off the fog, and then our brains will come back in top form as Mercury has moved back into Sagittarius making us smart, savvy, and ready to go. Think big and tackle big projects/issues.

January 9-11 the Sun is squaring Uranus AND Jupiter. It’s a T-square aspect which is very stressful. Expect outbursts; domestic and international violence and just bad hot headed decisions being made.

January 12 is a full moon in Cancer, the home of the Moon. Expect BIG emotions and religious fervor to take center stage. “I know what’s best” might prevail and people are just over the top emotional. It’s a crazy day generally.

But most importantly, work on yourself.

Become the butterfly, own your power, become balanced and centered and grounded, and stand up for humanity because its all of us together now, and when we join together as one to make things better, we will be unstoppable.

See you mid January!