PinAstrologically this is quite a month… Eclipses, Venus and Mars both in Aries, making it a big time for sexual healing while our minds turn to the world and what we can do to make it better!

Venus is the planet of Love, Beauty and Money.

Her “homes” are Taurus and Libra, but in Aries she is more dynamic, impatient and aggressive. It’s a time to pursue love, money and things of beauty more aggressively, including the beauty businesses. Usually she’s in a sign for 3 weeks, but because of retrogrades, she will be in Aries for 12+ weeks. On March 5th she turns retrograde, then keeps going back into Pisces for most of April, then back into Aries on April 22nd, and staying there until June 7th. This is an especially long time, a semi-unique time, meaning a time to go for it, be bold when it comes to what she rules.

Add to that Mars is also in its home sign Aries, giving us strong energy and a desire to get things done. It also makes our libido wake up and want intimacy. It’s the winter and spring of making love, so plan some fun time with your partner or get out there and find a partner. Love is in the air!

Feb 5 – Time of Reflection

On February 5th Jupiter, our good luck, good times planet, goes retrograde. This sets the pattern for looking over our shoulder and seeing what we forgot, what mistakes we’ve made in our good luck experiences and try to redo them. Did you get a job offer you turned down and now maybe you’re thinking it was an option you should have taken? Look into similar options. Did you meet someone and let the connection fall away? Call them. Did a friend come to your rescue a zillion times and you never retuned the favor? Well offer to help in any way they need it. Did you party too much and you need to think about indulgence issues you may have? Jupiter retrograde is a time when opportunities may seem to slow, because you are in a holding pattern until old matters are made right. However, Jupiter is still the good luck planet, so opportunities are always there depending on what house of your chart Jupiter resides in during this transit. June 10th Jupiter turns direct, so use these months to look within and make yourself a better person.

Feb 7 – Time To Get Involved

On Feb 7th Mercury goes into Aquarius, an Air sign which rules the bigger picture kind of thinking…what is it that would be good for everyone, not just me? Get involved, the world needs you now.

Feb 9 – 10 – Bold Movements Trigger Your Humanity & Ambitions

Feb 9-10 is the Sun in Aquarius, sextile (harmony) to Uranus. Expect good things to come your way, albeit unexpected things. Accept surprises and go with the flow. If you don’t like surprises, you’ll just have to get over it!

The next big thing is the Eclipse of the Full Moon at 22 degrees Leo on the 10th. For the past several years, eclipses have been happening in Virgo/Pisces polarity, earth and water energy. Now the Eclipses are in Aquarius/Leo, air and fire, and will have a swifter impact on us when they ignite. Eclipses are trigger points, where energy is shot out for a six month journey around the zodiac to reach its opposite, in this case Leo in August. It’s energy is pushing us to new levels, new places, and its full of energy because its a full moon, and in Leo it’s bold and brassy and big. It releases the unexpected for the next 6 months and it also triggers our humanity, Aquarius, and our place in the group think of the world. Who are you? What do you represent? What do you contribute? Find your place and step into those roles and participate as the world is undergoing a revolution and choosing sides is a must now, are you the good/kind/respectful human or the apathetic/angry human? Take your places, as the game is surely afoot now.

I hope you have been getting in the habit of praying often, and regularly praying for the Earth and all her inhabitants. The next phase we are going to talk about is honoring the God within via Respect and Kindness to ourselves and others. In times like these, we must be the voices of reason and balance and do our Light Work to keep the good energy flowing in our world.

Respecting The Divine Within You

Easterners bow to one another because they are honoring the God within us when they bow. You are God in Jane Smith’s body, and God is you pretending to be Jane. Jane always has free will to do as she pleases – she is not a robot or puppet. And this is where the problem comes in, our personal ego. We stop being ourselves to please others; to fit in; to live up to what society expects; pressure from advertising to be different than we are, and along with all that trying, is usually a lot of low self esteem, because its so hard to be so many things to so many people. Light Workers listen to their Still, Inner Voice and don’t let the outside world dictate who they are. It means you know yourself, and like yourself, and live with your inner instincts guiding you (and yes you do still struggle with giving that inner voice top billing, but it does get easier with time). You can develop this way of being by living your life in a good way – by practicing Respect of Others, Kindness, Courtesy and Self Respect. Its easy to do, and can become a habit very quickly.

Somewhere along the last few decades, being rude became OK. But it’s not. Take the simple act of saying Please and Thank You. How often do you practice that? The other day I said Thank You when the popcorn was handed to me at a movie theatre counter. He paused, smiled, looked me in the eye, and said very proudly “you’re welcome”, because I had honored that person and they felt good (how often do we treat service people as invisible?), and so do you. This is respect for others.

Thank the waiter, the cab driver, the paper boy, the garbage man, the clerk at a counter, the dog walker, etc. This simple act counters bad energy floating around and depletes it. It’s a quiet way to lift the bad energy dark people and actions create in our energy pool. And also practice smiling at people on the street. Smiles are a great way to make people feel good. Become a smiling fool and notice how people respond. Smile at strangers on the street, little children, your boss, your co-workers – become that happy person people love to see coming by. You’re a little ray of sunshine.

Our energy pool is what feeds us. The “pool” is like a vibe, it makes us “feel” up or down. I am deeply spiritual, but not really religious. However, I will often walk into a Church on a non-service day, and sit there and enjoy the energy in the room, a room where people gather to speak to God, and where, hopefully, good energy is almost palpable. I just sit there in silence, feeling all the good energy balancing out my own. It’s kind of an energy Spa, a Chakra cleansing. Not every church, synagogue or mosque will make you feel good, and that too is telling about that particular place. But if you find one that really makes you feel loved and healed, go there for a good feeling shot in the arm once in a while. It will get you through hard times, and keep you upbeat.

So try getting in the habit of smiling, saying please and thank you. You’ll be surprised how much it changes moods. Plant the seeds of positive energy, and you become a Light Worker. Spread it around and you will be surprised how your energy changes, and how much good luck seems to just flow into your life because of it. This is the practice of a Light Worker, to bring harmony to our environment by respecting the God within. Tell your friends about it and create a movement where people start being kind again. This creates community and helps build a more positive attitude for everyone. Make the world a better place, one prayer and thank you at a time.

See you mid Feb Light Workers! Leave comments to let me know how you’re doing!