cancer july 2016PinSoft Hearts & Sensitive Minds

On June 21st, the Sun moved into Cancer, the sign of the Crab, and ruled by the Moon. Cancer people are very emotional and sensitive. A look or a harsh word can wound them deeply, so be careful how you talk to a Cancer because they have very soft hearts. They are the 4th sign of the zodiac and rule the home, the 4th house of the zodiac, so they are the family people. The fourth house is a very important house in a horoscope, because its your roots, your upbringing, your history and your learning experience about what family is – good or bad.

Moon or Venus in Cancer is also a softie. They are very loyal and sympathetic. People often tell them all their troubles, while the Cancer keeps their personal life close to the chest, owing to their innate reluctance to trust. Never, ever criticize the mother of a Cancer, or you’ll feel those crab pincers attack you. Cancers ruler, the Moon, changes signs every 2.5 days, which is how often their moods change. That Cancer on Monday will not be in the same mood 3 days later giving them another mood or personality, and all their moods can tend toward extremes, so just know they FEEL everything and its hard to cope with all that emotion. Hug them often and they will feel better.

But like all signs Cancer has its dark side too.

Cancer’s crab has a hard shell, so some Cancers, when wounded once too often, build up their hard shell and can become bitter and cold. They lose their ability to trust completely, and can become quite mean and unapproachable. But still behind that grumpy old Cancer is a soft hearted soul who just closed the door on that big heart. So don’t let the bluster of a Cancer gone dark fool you. there is gold in there but it will take work to get through to them. Sometimes it might be worth the effort to bring them out of their shell.

Cancers need people around them: family, and friends if they don’t have a close family. They are the glue who hold families together, and their home is often a place of continual activity from the many people coming through there and the many dinner parties they throw. Like Taurus, food is a way to share love with others, so expect a true Cancer to love cooking, but more importantly the gathering of others around them. Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Princess Diana, Robin Williams, Kevin Hart, Vin Diesel, Linday Lohan (just needed more love from her family), Director/Producer J.J. Abrams, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Cyndi Lauper, Prince Williams, Debbie Harry (left her career at its peak to be with her dying friend), Franz Kafka, Helen Keller, Wolfgang Puck, Orville Redenbacher the popcorn King, and Oscar Hammerstein II——and yes, O. J. Simpson, Bill Cosby and Tokyo Rose, the Japanese Propagandist from WWII.

Cancer time is a time to connect with friends and family.

Invite them to dinner, hang out, bond, tell them you love them, socialize till you drop, and build those loving bridges. Your heart will be full in the end.

As the Grand Cross energy winds down, a square or stress aspect between Saturn and Neptune continues. This is a battle between practical and impractical, between status quo and visions of something new, between lessons to learn and learning them by using your spiritual world to smooth the way.

June 23-28 was most likely a busy time time for you, as there was a conjunction of the Moon’s North node (who you aspire to be) conjunct Jupiter (16 Virgo), training or in harmonious aspect to Pluto(16 Capricorn). If you have planets in this 14-17 in earth signs, good luck/news/events may come for you during this time.

At the same time Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Gemini are inconjunct, which means something is “off” and there is an uncomfortable feeling of fixing something is needed. Because this aspect involves our energy and our mind planets, THINK before you speak and don’t act rashly. there are extremes here as the see saw tries to find balance by going from one end to the other and back, to find the middle ground. it’s an unsettled place to be and good to go it alone.

Venus trine Neptune also occurs at this time, at 12 Cancer/Pisces. This is a lovely aspect of exceptional harmony and a sense of well being. If you have planets 10-13 in a water sign(Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces), this can be an exceptional day of gentle, loving encounters.

PinRush of Energy From June 29 – July 5

On June 29 the Grand Cross energy ends with Mercury moving into Cancer, and glory be, Mars gets out of his cage on the same day and is set free. There is a rush of energy from the 29th thru the 5th, rather erratic so be the cool and collected one where possible. The weekend of the July 4th holiday could be fraught with over the top energy or anger. Once Mars settles down because he knows he’s free again, things will calm and we will find we have great energy at our disposal to get things done we’ve been trying to get done for months. It’s been an incredibly long retrograde and we are all feeling pretty low energy as I write this on June 25th. Next Thursday we should awaken with a bang and the desire to go, go, go.

On June 30th, Pluto in Capricorn, the ruler of Power, is opposing Venus in Cancer, the goddess of Love. This is a power struggle day. Don’t sign legal papers, especially ones involving money. Wait it out until Tuesday to make a decision.

Look Inwards & Stay Positive

July 4th weekend is Sun (your soul) trine Neptune (spiritual devotion/dreams and visions) while the same Sun is also inconjunct Saturn while Neptune is still squaring Saturn. This is a very concerning weekend. It’s a time when religious fanatics may rear their ugly heads and behaviors. Its a time to be cautious and observant, and maybe even to avoid crowds. Have a picnic in your back yard with family and friends, instead of a festival with many people attending just to be sure. Pray for the world and its people by sending love and blessing to all and/or healing energy. Our positive healing input can mitigate potential problems.

July 6th things calm down with Sun and Mercury in Cancer, and Venus trine Mars in Cancer/Scoprio, a good day for relationships or mending spats from the holiday weekend. July 7th things get stressful again, and relationships are bumpy. Lay low.

So that will catch you up for a couple of weeks. Thanks for checking in with me. I’ll have a new blog for you around July 10th.