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In Astrology, some zodiac signs will have qualities that allow them to have harmonious relationships with other zodiac signs, and some combinations of two signs might not lead to the best results in a relationship. When it comes to compatibility in astrology, there are many aspects to take into consideration, and it is crucial to consider the Sun, Venus, Moon, and Mars placements and the relationship between these planets in two individuals’ natal charts. Today we will be covering the Sun signs and which Sun signs are compatible in a romantic relationship or friendship.

Aries: As a fire sign, Aries is compatible with the other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs have a taste for life and adventure, and together in a relationship, they empower each other to lead the life they desire. Relationships with water signs can be tricky, as an Aries quickly gets turned off by codependency and extreme displays of emotion. Aries is compatible with its opposite sign, Libra, as Libra can teach Aries the value of partnerships and friendships.

Taurus: Taurus is compatible with fellow earth signs, Virgo, and Capricorn. Earth sign relationships consist of stability and a life of practicality, which is exactly what a Taurus needs. Taureans struggle to function well in relationships with fire signs, as they struggle to keep up with the practical needs of a Taurus. Scorpio is Taurus’s opposite sign, and this is a compatible combination as a Scorpio can make a Taurus feel and experience emotions that they thought were never possible.

Gemini: The air signs Libra and Aquarius are suitable matches for Gemini, as these combinations allow for plenty of mental stimulation. Relationships with water signs are not advised, as Gemini’s function through logic and intelligence and can often seem insensitive when they deal with emotional issues. Gemini is compatible with its opposite sign, Sagittarius, as Sagittarius can open the Gemini’s eyes up to many beautiful things in the world, and allow them to spread their wings while still giving them the commitment the Gemini needs in a relationship.

Cancer: Cancerians are compatible with water signs Scorpio and Pisces, as this combination allows for a safe space for emotional vulnerability in the relationship. Fire signs are not a good match for Cancer, as they lack the emotional ability to deal with Cancers’ complex emotions. Capricorn is Cancer’s opposite sign and is a good match for Cancer as they can teach the Cancer to give in less to their feelings and be more practical and realistic.

Leo: The fire signs Aries and Sagittarius are a great energetic match to Leo. Leo does not do too well with water signs, as being emotionally receptive is not always their specialty. Aquarius is Leo’s opposite sign, and this is a good combination as Aquarius takes Leo’s focus away from themselves and makes them more aware of the world around them.

Virgo: Routine and order are essential to Virgo’s, which is why a relationship with a Taurus or Capricorn will usually work best. Virgo’s can struggle in relationships with air signs as they lack stability and can be too flighty and unreliable for a Virgo. Pisces is the opposite sign of Virgo, and Virgo and Pisces make a good match as Pisces can help Virgo let loose and live within the moment instead of being overly highly strung.

Libra: Air signs Gemini and Aquarius are suitable matches as they do not take life too seriously, precisely what a Libra needs. Relationships with water signs can be tricky as Libra’s can be put off by partners who lack inner strength and courage. Libra can be demanding in relationships themselves, but they get put off by a needy partner. Aries is a good match as Libra’s opposite sign as Aries helps Libra be more independent and confident in their own skin.

Scorpio: Fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces are a great match as they can match the emotional intensity the Scorpio requires for a healthy relationship. A relationship with a fire sign can be tricky, as Scorpios struggle to handle overbearing personalities, as they are pretty intense themself. Scorpios opposite sign, Taurus, is a good match as Taurus can take the Scorpio out of their emotional ocean and let them see the world for what it really is.

Sagittarius: Fire signs Aries and Leo are an excellent match for the adventurous spirit of a Sagittarius. Relationships with water signs can be tricky, as Sagittarians do not like being tied down by emotional expectations in relationships. Gemini is Sagittarius’s opposite sign, and this makes a great combination as Gemini brings many new adventures and concepts to the Sagittarius’s life, which they would not have explored or thought of before.

Capricorn: Earth signs Taurus and Virgo are a perfect match for Capricorn’s ambitious, career-focused mindset. Relationships with air signs can be challenging, as Capricorns cannot stand flighty behavior and require stability. Cancer, Capricorn’s opposite sign, is a good match as Cancer teaches Capricorn how to allow themself to be more emotionally vulnerable and receptive and to live within the moment.

Aquarius: Air signs Gemini and Libra are a great match as Aquarians need to have a partner with whom they can be in continuous contact but still be allowed their independence. Relationships with water signs can be challenging as Aquarians do not give in to emotional sentiments and rely solely on logic and facts. Leo, Aquarius’s opposite sign is an excellent match as Leo can teach the Aquarius that they deserve respect and rewards for their humanitarian actions.

Pisces: Water signs Cancer and Scorpio are a match made in heaven for Pisces, as Pisces needs a relationship where both partners are allowed to be emotionally vulnerable and open. Relationships with fire signs can be tricky, as the fiery and intimidating nature they possess can overwhelm a Pisces. As the opposite sign of Pisces, Virgo is the best match as Virgos can take the Pisces out of their dream world and help them create a practical reality where they can live a life of success and abundance.


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