All throughout our lives, opportunities crop up for us to make karmic connections to the people we need to.

The timing of these occurrences depends on many different factors. Most likely, it ends up that we meet who we need to when we are ready to make some important discoveries about ourselves. Ironically, relationships have a funny way of helping us learn more about ourselves—rather than others.

Many people would agree to having been in situations, at some point, where they were mystically drawn to someone. Some unknown subconscious force urged them into making a connection and there was no explaining it. There was no stopping it either. For many, the karmic pull is hard to deny and one that can make us fall hard.

In my astrological work, I’ve heard the karmic story weaved in various versions many times before.

“We’ve only just met, but I feel like I’ve known them forever.”

Chances are – all of us have encountered the most significant people in our lives – before in some way or another. The universe will always find a way to help us make certain karmic connections—over and over again. Lovers, friends, family, co-workers and even people we meet for a moment all have the potential of being people we’ve known in a past lifetime.

Something – maybe fate or destiny – keeps pulling us together so we can do our karmic dance once again.  Relationships of the karmic kind are beautiful to dream about. However, some of the fancy footwork we get wrapped up in with our karmic connections can be a little more complicated than others. The reality of our situations is that there is always a twist of challenge or learning lesson that gets thrown into the mix.  It really doesn’t matter what lifetime we’re in – the same rules still apply. Karmic relationships are complicated.

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated, as well as puzzled by relationships. No one after all has all the answers. However, my client’s stories through the years have helped me to see all of these karmic connections come to life over and over again. My journey through Astrology has showcased that revealing past lives is definitely possible.

Astrology & Karmic Relationships

A fascinating theory, originating from my favorite old school astrologer Ivy Jacobson, indicates that we’re in a waiting phase for a period of 360 years each time we die.  Working up a little simple math could actually give us the year of our last lifetime’s birthday.  All we have to do is take our birth year and deduct 360 years and voila there is the year we were last born. Obviously there’s no way to prove this theory – but it’s certainly fun to ponder the possibilities.

Our astrology also reveals certain things about our life patterns as well as what we’re being tested to achieve.  Some things come naturally to all of us while others don’t. Exploring the placement of where the Moon’s Nodes fall in our astrology can help us see this better. Read more about the Moon’s Nodes and how to discover our future through the past here.

When it comes to relationships, there are definitely people we need to tag along on our journey.  Relationships are key to soul growth – it’s impossible to do it alone. The people we need will stick around for as long as the karmic journey takes.  Some of us need only a moment and others a lifetime …. or more.

Relationship dynamics usually play a big part of our prominent life themes and we all know they can get complicated. All of us are bound karmically to someone or another. Sometimes it takes a few lifetimes to work out the kinks and learn the lessons we need to.

Certain individuals hold greater karmic connections to us than others. There are markers in our astrological make up that can actually prove this notion. If we look at how our astrology works with another’s there are specific karmic keys that can be revealed. I personally look for planetary connections being made between the Moon’s Nodes (soul’s purpose), Ascendant (rising sign), Vertex (fate) and Pluto (the planet of karmic transformation & soul growth). Of course there are many others but these are my personal favorites when it comes to synastry (how our planets work with somebody else’s).

No matter how you slice it and regardless of what the right answer iswe can’t deny that things are always happening behind the scenes.   The universe always has a way of aligning in just the right way to put us in touch with exactly the people we need.  It also has a way of helping us let go of the people we don’t.

Astrologically, there are certain periods where meeting up with someone of our “past” is more probable over others. The movement of the planets and where they fall in our personal astrology can help us hone in on certain time periods where the probability is higher.

When Best To Expect A Karmic Connection…

Here are a few of the times when I see karmic connections coming up most:

  • Retrograde periods – particularly Venus (the planet of love) and Mars (the planet that likes to create sparks). These two planets do not retrograde all that often – approximately every 18 months or so. This makes them the MOST special. However, I have seen important connections come up in Mercury retrogrades (approx. 4x a year) and the stations (point of turn retrograde and direct) of Saturn (1x a year), Jupiter (1x a year), Uranus (1x a year) and Pluto (1 x a year).
  • The placement of transiting Pluto (the planet of the underworld, karma & transformation) in our charts. When he transits & crosses the points of our main axis of either Ascendant (1st house), IC (4th house), Descendant (7th house) or Midheaven (10th house) karmic connections tend to crop up.
  • Certain New and Full Moons in our 4th, 8th & 12th houses can help us connect to the people of the past. These houses in our personal astrology have karmic connections. When the Moon lights it up relationship connections can get interesting.

Check out your personal astrology chart and see where the planets currently here. Maybe a karmic connection is in your future.

No matter what kind of planetary influences we are under, I can guarantee that the planets will always find a way to create the perfect path to help us connect to who we need to.  We all go through phases – sometimes together and other times separately. Is it possible that we’ve loved someone for a thousand years? Sure it is—and it’s even more probable that we could continue to love them for a thousand more.

About Crystal B.

Crystal B. is an Astrologist and Astro Therapist in the NJ/ NYC area. Astrology has always been part of her life since her dad is also an Astrologer. She connects with people all over and has had consultations with people in 27 countries. Check out her site and sign up for her Free Monthly Newsletter to get a free astrology gift.

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