When the Sun sextiles Mars today, your enthusiasm, vitality and general zest for life will be running hot. It’s a full-power, full-steam-ahead type day so make sure you use it to the max.

Sun Sextile Mars Transit

Under this transit, nothing will stand in your way. Your high self-confidence and your assertive nature will allow you to go far today. This is a great time to tackle difficult projects, both personally and professionally as your energy boost and attitude will allow you to break down barriers and help you move effortlessly towards your goals.

Don’t worry about how others might perceive your directness (even if it’s not your usual style). During this transit, you’ll be seen as non-threatening, charming and attractive, but you’ll also be taken seriously too. And for those who don’t believe in you or support you, you’ll have the confidence to stand up for yourself.

With all this energy, you’ll need to make sure you find a physical outlet to burn off some steam. In fact, doing so could be extremely beneficial for your mental health, allowing you to approach situations with a clear mind.

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