A Simple Solstice Ritual To Bring In Abundance, Gratitude, And Joy For 2015!

By December 18, 2014Astrology

winter solstice New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and you’ll want to make sure to enjoy every last minute of 2014! So often at the end of the year, it’s easy to rush through it, hoping for a fresh clean slate the following year.

If you want to consciously create an amazing 2015, you’ll want to have crystal-clear intentions, and a joyful heart and mind. Just like when you are planting seeds in a garden, you would weed and nourish the soil, right?

5 Essential Steps To Creating An Amazing 2015

Earth sunrise with rays and lens flare1. Connect with your spirit guides and angels

There is a divine plan for your life. Your divine helpers are there to show you the way. They can provide invaluable healing for your past and insight about your future. Ask for their assistance. They’re here for you!

2. Release and honor the past

You have so much to be proud of! As you say farewell to this year, take some time to acknowledge all the wonderful things you’ve done, the love you’ve shared, and the lives you have touched.

3. Forgive yourself and others with love

Perhaps you feel like other people have disappointed you, or maybe you feel you’ve disappointed yourself. With every year, there will be things that we wanted to achieve that are left undone. Say a prayer to forgive anyone who has hurt or disappointed you (including yourself) as you release that energy with love.

4. Set soulful heartfelt intentions

Within you lies the seeds of your destiny. Your heart will always guide you toward your purpose. Instead of setting goals that may bring you only outer rewards, ask yourself what would truly bring you happiness. Spend some time writing down how you would want to feel, and create your intentions around that.

5. Align your energy with your intentions

Once you are clear about what you want, allow yourself to feel the joy of experiencing it. Ask your wonderful guides and angels to clear away any obstacles in your path, and use your imagination to feel yourself experiencing your ideal life. With gratitude, thank the Universe for making it so!

Wrapping It All Up – A Simple Solstice Ritual To Set Your Intentions For 2015

candle-flameRituals are a potent way to impact your intentions with energy and meaning. When you connect your rituals to the rhythm of nature, they are in harmony with the world around you, offering immeasurable power. The day you don’t want to miss for your intention setting ritual is this Sunday, December 21st (22nd for most of the Eastern hemisphere). It’s the solstice AND the new moon in Capricorn. This is truly a divinely designed day to imbue your new year’s intentions with magic.

Here’s a simple ritual you can do that incorporates the essential five elements for your soulful solstice celebration:

First, light a white candle to represent the return of the light and new beginnings in your life. As you light the candle, say the following:

“I call forth my angels and divine helpers to guide me, protect me, and release me from all that no longer serves me. I ask for my heart to be filled with wisdom, joy, compassion and love. May the light within me grow more bright, so I may be a light for others for the highest and best of all. Thank you!”

Now sit quietly with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply as you get centered in your body, and feel the connection of your beautiful angels and guides. Bring your awareness into your heart and keep your focus there. Now open your eyes.

Write down the following:

1. All the wonderful things you’ve experienced this year, the blessings you’ve had, and the many great things you have accomplished. Take a moment to celebrate yourself.

2. All the people you are holding resentment for including yourself, and why. For EACH ONE, say the following. “I forgive you. I love you. I release you.”

3. As you are in this place of love, feeling centered in your heart, write down any impressions that come to you about what you would like to create in your future. Use your imagination to fantasize. Don’t limit yourself. Even if it doesn’t seem realistic. DREAM BIG.

4. Visualize yourself in your future until it feels real to you. Imagine yourself happy, confident and radiant, filled with love while surrounded by loved ones.

5. Thank the Universe for already creating this reality for you.

…And so it is!

Don’t forget to drop me a note in the comments below and proclaim your intentions for 2015! Wishing you the most beautiful holiday season.



Image sources: Sun over tree; candle flame.

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