The truth comes to the surface in many ways.

Whispered secrets.

Media broadcasts.

Slow acceptance.

Lightning bolts of realization…

The upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon (& Lunar Eclipse) shines a spotlight on the truth you choose to accept, and the “truth” you don’t. It’s time to get familiar with your truth… and your voice. 

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On May 26th:

  • 04:13 in Los Angeles
  • 07:13 in New York
  • 12:13 in London (BST)
  • 13:13 in Paris
  • 14:13 in Moscow
  • 17:13 in Delhi
  • 19:13 in Hong Kong
  • 20:13 in Tokyo
  • 21:13 in Sydney
  • 23:13 in Auckland


Eclipse season has begun!

Now, this is no ordinary Full Moon (is there such a thing?!), this lunar peak is also an eclipse: A penumbral lunar eclipse, meaning that as she rises in the sky, the edge of our own, earthly shadow will fall across her surface.

This eclipse offers a gentle and softer vibration. Her color will only fade a little, her intensity dampens just a jot. Yet speaking of a “gentler” eclipse is kind of like speaking of a “gentler” punch in the face. Eclipses ARE intense. However, they come to pass.

This Full Moon rises in Sagittarius. The sign of the centaur, his arrow is aimed straight at the truth. Sag is a quester, on a perpetual mission for deeper understanding. So this Moon (also called the Rose, or Strawberry Moon) comes at an interesting juncture in our collective story.

There’s Nowhere Left to Hide

Saturn stations retrograde. On May 23rd, Saturn stationed retrograde. Opening up the possibilities of positive change, reflection, and adaption. In combination with the truth-finder of Sagittarius, this is the perfect time to analyze your relationships, your career, and your habits.

Venus Squares Neptune. This transit can bring forth feelings of insecurity, doubt, and self-consciousness in your relationships. But rest assured, these feelings are your own internal reflections of worthiness NOT a signal that your relationship is suffering. This is an ideal time to do self-reflection work. Examine where these feelings are really coming from.

The Sun in Gemini calls for openness. The information you have just has to be scattered and shared. Venus, also in Gemini brings tact and charm. You will find ways to say what needs to be said. You will be heard.

Moon Mantra

Mantras are a potent tool, for aligning with the energy of a Full Moon (or a New Moon). Use the following affirmation to remind yourself of how capable YOU are, of channeling this Moon’s mutable energy, and being the change the world needs to see.

“I lovingly let go of the old paradigm. I accept the change that is moving through me, and I willingly participate in all that is to come!”

Repeat the mantra daily. Use it all the way up to the third quarter, and even the next New Moon, to help release all that needs to leave your life.

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5 Ways To Open Up to Change This Full/New Moon

1. Accept Your Feelings

Feelings always run high at the Full Moon. Add the shadowy element of an eclipse, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Yet it’s important to accept your feelings – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Let them flow. Fully feel. Accepting your emotions in their entirety, without judging, or trying to fix, will allow them to move through you, and not get caught up in details, that will likely pass.

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2. Rise into your POWER

Change can be mightily disempowering. When it feels like you’re lacking control, unable to grasp hold of the situation, it can make you shrink. OR it can make you grow.

Eclipses coincide with change. And yes, facing the unknown is a scary place to be, yet understand that no change ushered in is for anything LESS than your highest good. So rise up into your power, and accept what’s coming with open arms.

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3. Strengthen Your Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra sits just below your ribs and is responsible for your sense of power, courage, and integrity. Eclipses are times when these parts of self maybe a little shaky. Working to consciously strengthen the solar plexus is a great way to build yourself up, so you’re ready to take on change!

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4. Practice Giving

Full Moon energy is HIGH. This phase can feel frenetic, as there’s a lot of ungrounded, undirected energy. Channel some of it into giving. This may look like volunteering at a shelter, helping out a friend with some DIY, hosting an acquaintance who has nowhere else to stay.

Sagittarius is the Zodiac’s traveler. Turn this on its head, and make yourself available to host this adventurous energy.

5. Cleanse Yourself of the Old with a Full Moon Ritual Bath

Ritual baths are a powerful way to cleanse your whole energy field.

  1. Set an intention for release and surrender to change, as you run your bath.
  2. Sage, basil and (oh-so-decadent!) saffron are all herbs that align with Sagittarius, so add these to your water.
  3. As you wash your body, imagine that you are washing away heaviness and stuck patterns from your life.

For more instructions about performing a Full Moon ritual bath, head here.

Change is rippling through all of our lives right now.

What are YOU releasing at the time of this Full Moon? Let us know in the comments below.

And blessed eclipse to you!

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