September 20, 2021 Pisces Full Moon Forecast

This year’s only Full Moon in Pisces will be infused with the dreamy, mystical, creative vibes of the watery sign of the fishes. Rising in Pisces, the Moon will reach her climax at the following times across the globe…

On September 20th:

  • 16:54 in Los Angeles
  • 19:54 in New York City
  • 23:54 in London

On September 21st

  • 01:54 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 02:54 in Moscow
  • 04:54 in Delhi
  • 07:54 in Hong Kong
  • 08:54 in Tokyo
  • 09:54 in Sydney

And while the most empathic of us will struggle with the sudden deep dive into emotional depths, this lunation spells magical manifestations for all… 

Whenever a Full Moon crosses Pisces up in the heavens, it’s always a treat

Pisces is the sign of dreams, imagination, and connection to Spirit. It’s known as the “sign of the mystic”. And if you have any Piscean friends then you’ll know exactly why… These starry-eyed folk only ever have one foot in this reality! The other foot’s usually busy interpreting the dream you had last night, improvising some new lines of poetry, or talking to the fairies in their garden… (only joking Pisces – we totally love you!)

But you don’t need to be born under Pisces to harness the intuitive and creative properties of this Moon

Whatever your sign, now’s the time to listen to the stirrings in your soul…

Your gut is guiding you in the right direction.

There are 3 things you need to do to boost your intuitive powers and manifest like a boss this week

But before we reveal what they are, we have to let you know that there is a simple way to bypass all the predictions and forecasts for this and every other Full Moon that comes your way.

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But let’s continue to talk more about the manifestational opportunity that you don’t want to miss. As this is the very last Full Moon occurring inside this rotation of the Zodiac, Pisces is offering you one last chance to dig into your manifestational dreams – are you going to take it?

Before it disappears, here are three things you need to do to maximize the potential of this divinely-inspired Full Moon!

1. Trust in Your Innate Psychic Abilities

This Full Moon is an extremely intuitive lunation, not least because it is in Pisces, but also because, at this time, the Moon is conjunct Neptune too. As Pisces’ ruler, Neptune both protects and amplifies the dreamy, sensitive and psychic vibration of the sign of the fish.

It’s a clear indication that your key to unlocking this Full Moon’s highest potential is by listening to the sensitive harmonies being sung at this time.

Now’s the time to look within and really allow yourself to connect with the messages your soul, your heart and your intuition are trying to tell you.

Now is the time to act instinctively.

Now is the time to pay attention to your dreams.

You see, one of the most powerful ways to ensure you maximize this Full Moon’s true manifesting potential is to feel, not think.

2. Think About Your Role In the World

This moon is very humanitarian and compassionate. Pisces cares about humanity and is all about the collective. But off the back of 2 full moons in Aquarius and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, this only adds to this vibe.

3. Look To The Past

Usually, we’re always told to look forward. To forget the past. To move on.

But so much can be learned from the past, if you look at it from the right perspective. And this lunation proves it.

Both Neptune and Uranus play important roles in this Full Moon, but it’s the backwards dash across the skies (that they’re currently doing) which would hold the key to fully accessing the incredible manifesting prowess of the Moon.

You see, both Uranus and Neptune are currently Retrograde.

And while the outer planets’ Retrogrades don’t usually have major impacts on the collection, their current station does provide a subtle insight into how you’ll emerge from this Full Moon on top.

It’s time to look to the past, to move forward with gusto. What that will look like for you is highly individualized.

You may need to look to the past to review or let go before you can take your next step.

You may need to look to the past to identify where past success has come from, so you can reapply these same methods.

Whatever it is for you, there is a message in your past that you need to hear if you truly want to access this lunation’s manifesting powers.

What Next…

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