September 13/14, 2019 Pisces Full Moon Forecast

This year’s only Full Moon in Pisces will be infused with the dreamy, mystical, creative vibes of the watery sign of the fishes. Rising at 21º of Pisces, the Moon will reach her climax at the following times across the globe…

On September 13th:

  • 21:32 in Los Angeles

On September 14th:

  • 00:32 in New York City
  • 05:32 in London
  • 06:32 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 07:32 in Moscow
  • 09:32 in Delhi
  • 12:32 in Hong Kong
  • 13:32 in Tokyo
  • 14:32 in Sydney

Whenever a Full Moon crosses Pisces up in the heavens, it’s always a treat

Pisces is the sign of dreams, imagination, and connection to Spirit. It’s known as the “sign of the mystic”. And if you have any Piscean friends then you’ll know exactly why… These starry-eyed folk only ever have one foot in this reality! The other foot’s usually busy interpreting the dream you had last night, improvising some new lines of poetry, or talking to the fairies in their garden… (only joking Pisces – we totally love you!)

But you don’t need to be born under Pisces to harness the intuitive, creative, energy of this Full Moon.

Whatever your sign, it’s up for grabs.

There is Sacred Geometry in the Skies!

There’s something very special about this lunation.

All Full Moons are caused by the Sun and Moon in opposition. This is when both of our twin luminaries – the Sun and the Moon – are exactly opposite each other in the sky.

With each of these two glowing orbs of light on either side of our planet, their duel influence on Earth is completely balanced. For you, this means a ripe and ready opportunity to harness both the power of the Sun and the power of the Moon, at the same time!

(Wondering what this actually means? Click on the link below and you’ll get the chance to find out…)

During this week’s lunation, a unique double opposition will amplify this opportunity!

When the glorious Full Moon rises at 21º of Pisces, She’ll be joined by dreamy Neptune (Pisces’ ruler) at 17º of that same sign. And when the Sun rises at 21º of Virgo, Mars, the red-hot rock will also rise at 17º of the same earthly, grounded sign.

This may seem a lot of degrees to get your head around, so for now, let’s leave those numbers on the table.

What’s important here is that Pisces ruler, the exquisitely spiritual and creative Neptune, is moving SO closely to the Moon that their energies are actually blending. All of that magnetic, attractive, manifestational Full Moon power is being enhanced by a truly divine planetary aspect. It means your dreams, and the dreams of the Universe are aligning…

And in the meantime, over on the other side of the skies, the fiery warrior planet Mars, and all of it’s assertive, get-up-and-go energy is coupling up with the life-giving force of the Sun. So whatever you want is getting a big, bold boost from the cosmos!

It really is a match (or two) made in heaven!

And it’s a manifestational opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Especially as this is the very last Full Moon occurring inside this rotation of the Zodiac. As the very last sign, Pisces is offering you one last chance to dig into those dreams – are you going to take it?

Before it disappears, here are three things you need to do to maximize the potential of this divinely-inspired Full Moon!

1. Activate Your Right Brain and Get Consciously Co-Creating!

Conscious co-creation doesn’t happen by accident. It comes from a combination of knowledge, practice, the right tools and a great sense of timing! Right here, right now, under this Full Moon, the timing is ripe to create something big.

You’re probably used to the Zodiac sign of Leo – with its huge-hearted passion – getting the credit for being the most creative sign? Or maybe Aquarius, with its go-your-own-way rebellious streak?

Well, in fact, Pisces is way up there at the top of the Zodiac’s creativity scale. With its off-the-scale imagination and totally tapped-in sense of what’s coming next, this sign lives and breathes conscious co-creation. Plus, it has one added ingredient – it’s connected to Spirit.

And the realms of Spirit are where everything begins.

This Full Moon lets you into the secret of conscious creation

Which specific area of your life do you want to focus on? Your career? Relationships? Health? Finances (and under a Pisces Full Moon, a lot of people choose to focus on their finances – this sign knows no limits!)

Full Moon manifestation is quite a bit different from New Moon manifestation. It uses principles of magnetism, attraction and the potency of both the Sun and the Moon simultaneously. Add this to the double opposition that’s currently gracing our skies, and the potential for creation is colossal!

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2. Manifest Long-Lasting Transformations

Alone, the presence of the Neptune/Moon conjunction, opposing the Mars/Sun conjunction is enough to have a party about. But over in Capricorn, Saturn at 13º is also forming a trine to that Sun & Mars hotspot.

Astrological trines are blessings. They offer harmonious energy signatures that ease the path for us. And in Earth signs (we’re talking Virgo and Capricorn) those smooth, supportive vibes are all about grounding your dreams and visions into tangible, manifested reality.

This astrology is literally begging you to get clear on what you want, and manifest it into the world!

Plus, Saturn is here, trining that red-hot fire, to help you root those creations in even deeper. This planet rules time, so it’s more-than-serendipitous appearance here, will serve to make your efforts last.

To make sure they pass the test of time.

So that what you manifest today will still be here tomorrow.

Are you in?

3. Use Your Emotions!

It’s no secret that Pisces is emotional. As the last of the water signs, it’s probably the most emotional of all. Which is often seen as a hindrance (no one wants to be the weepy one in the corner, right?!) But in fact, your emotions are your superpower.

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, then you’ll know it’s not what you’re thinking about, but what you’re feeling that draws things into your manifested reality. So it follows that harnessing your emotions is the number one route to creating your heart’s desire!

Are you ready for the lesson in emotional mastery that the Pisces Full Moon is bringing to the table?

As the sign of emotional depth and intensity, there is NO better sign under which to practice harnessing those emotions, and to actually take control of your destiny. Too many of us are slaves to our feelings, moving through life without ever actually learning how to activate our emotions as a tool for manifestation. Not any more.

This opportunity only comes once a year!

The next Full Moon in Pisces, the most emotionally aware sign of the entire Zodiac won’t appear until September 2020!

So to make the most of this glorious lunation, and all of its manifestational potentials, we offer you the complete Full Moon Manifestation Guide!

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  • And so much more!


Wishing you limitless abundance for this Full Moon in Pisces

The Numerologist Team

About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School



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