6 Things You Need To Ask Yourself Before The New Moon Solar Eclipse (Oct 23, 2014)

October 2014 eclipse

Just when you thought you couldn’t handle any more intensity, there’s a whopper of a week ahead of us! Mercury doesn’t get out of retrograde until October 25th AND there’s a partial solar eclipse on tomorrow’s new moon tomorrow! For most people around the world this whole month has been about relationships, but there are just a few more lessons you need to learn.

Hang in there! This week is your final exam, and with the right preparation, you’ll pass with flying colors!

What In The World Is Going On?

Solar SystemHave you felt as if your communication with people has been challenged? Are there issues you felt you dealt with already that have come back to haunt you? Are your relationships falling apart or being strained? Or perhaps your relationships have been strengthened and you feel closer to your loved ones more than ever?

That’s because Mercury (our planet of communication) has been in retrograde (moving backwards) in both Libra and Scorpio (our relationship signs). When this happens you have an opportunity to revisit or repair things from your past – even if you didn’t realize you need to! It might feel frustrating at the time, but this is a real gift from the Universe to make sure you’re building future relationships on rock solid ground.

Solar eclipseCompound this with TWO ECLIPSES this month – and you’re bound to have some interesting revelations. Eclipses always bring awakening to your TRUTH and things previously hidden from your awareness. They are tremendous catalysts for healing and usually initiate long term changes.

Our next eclipse is on Thursday, October 23rd and this is a BIG ONE. Eclipses always occur during full or new moons. Whereas full moons are a time of RELEASING (as we experienced on the lunar eclipse of October 8th), this week’s eclipse is during a new moon which is a super potent time for setting intentions. So be careful what you wish for – you have the power to make it come true!

Super Psychic Scorpio

Self Love & RelationshipsOn Thursday (the day of our eclipse) both the Sun, then Venus, and the Moon all move into the sign of Scorpio. WOWZA! That’s a lot of energy! Scorpio is known as an “intense” sign because whenever Scorpio is present superficial relationships are impossible. This highly psychic, ultra-sensitive sign feels the “urge to merge” with others on a deep emotional level.

With all this Scorpio energy now, you’ll feel the need to connect with people more deeply. It’s a truth seeking sign, so if there are relationships in your life where you feel misunderstood, ignored, or dispassionate about, you’ll want to come to terms with how you really feel. If you try to avoid your feelings anymore, the Universe will step in and do it for you.

Attract More Love And Money

Love and MoneyWith Venus, the planet of love and attraction, being so close to our Sun and Moon, you have  everything you need to magnetize your heart’s desires. Venus teaches you that by bringing more joy and beauty into your life, you can attract good things to you. When Venus is in Scorpio, the sign of passion, just imagine what you can manifest!

Do you feel passionate about your relationships? Your career? Your life? Give yourself the passion test. Examine all of your relationships and activities. If your whole being says “YES! This makes me happy!” then engage more in that. If you feel stressed or unhappy, it’s time to make some necessary changes. Investing your energy only in the people and activities that motivate you. When you do, the Universe will support you.

Set Your Intentions On Success!

New moons are always a powerful time for creating intentions for manifesting. Since this new moon is also a solar eclipse, you’ll have lots of cosmic energy behind you!

And as it’s a Super Scorpio themed moon, here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

1. How can I feel more passionately about my life?
2. What relationships make me feel alive, engaged and understood?
3. How can I create more joy in my relationships?
4. What’s my life’s passion that I want to manifest?
5. What activities can I do that make me feel happy?
6. What steps can I take to feel closer to the people I love?

Once you get clarity on what you like, take some time to imagine what it would be like to experience it. Visualize your ideal future. How does it feel? Make it as real for you as possible. And always EXPECT THE BEST.

When you’re happy, everyone in the world benefits. So be good to yourself and let love in! Have a great week!

Lots of love,


PS. Drop me a note below and let me know how October has been for you. Have certain things from the past come up? Are your relationships taking on a whole new perspective? What’s been challenging for you and what’s been a pure joy?


Image sources: Solar eclipse by Mourad Mokrane; Solar Eclipse by Chris McDonell; Heart Head by Gemma Garner; Earth by Freepik.

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