On November 15, 2020, The New Moon Rises in Scorpio – The Zodiac Sign of Transformation and Release

Scorpio is a sign that’s all about release.

But with such a high intensity (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve spent any time with this water sign), Scorpio doesn’t really get the credit it deserves in regards to its incredibly transformative power.

And that’s exactly what this New Moon is asking of you… to transform. 

It comes at a pivotal time in the year, just days after a history-altering election, when global tensions are at an all-time high.

The New Moon serves as the blank canvas on which to draw your dreams… So what will you leave behind? And what will you become?

And wouldn’t it be nice if it was really that easy? Draw your wishes on a canvas, walk away from it, forget it exists at all, and then effortlessly receive your every desire… *sighhhh*

But alas, New Moons rarely come without a host of other planetary alignments that contribute their own spice into the energic mix at hand. Not to mention all the cosmic baggage they bring along with them (real cool, universe).

There has been A LOT of work to do this year. And while it seems like we literally say that every year… 2020 has definitely hit a bit harder than previous years have, don’t you agree?

And now that we’re inching closer to 2021, the question we all want to know is: are we finally stepping into a new paradigm?

At the time of the Scorpio New Moon, the skies are giving us all three big opportunities to step up…

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1. Breaker of Chains

Sitting at 8º of earth-sign Taurus, Uranus, the planet of revolution is directly opposing our Sun/Moon union in Scorpio. This is unstable, shaky, and potentially destructive… especially with Uranus currently retrograde. But whenever this planet is stomping around the playground, the thing to remember is that it only ever shakes loose what isn’t strong enough to hold on. Which means…

Uranus breaks down what is already crumbling.

And it’s been in the Earth sign Taurus ever since March of 2019 (and it’ll be here for a while because Uranus has a slooooooow orbit), bringing with it innovation and liberation to the collective.

But now that it’s sitting opposite the Scorpio Moon, in her fragile dark phase… shit’s about to get personal.

The thick (and ongoing) onslaught of planetary retrogrades spinning through the sky this summer has been stripping back the layers for everyone.

Now is the time to let them go completely.

For some people this Scorpio Sun/Moon Uranus opposition may feel easy – in fact, you’re probably doing the work already, and the lightness is palpable. But for others, this astrology could trigger another onslaught of friction, discontent, and wrangling between how life is, and how you want life to be.

See this for what it is. It will stop only when you stop resisting.

In a fortnight the Full Moon will rise in the sign of Gemini. So you have two weeks to integrate these opposing energies… and the flip side of Uranus is that it forces us into positions of surrender. So use this pivotal dark Moon phase to surrender. You can’t reach new beginnings until you surrender the past. 

2. Like a Brain Transplant, But Safer

Joining the Sun and Moon in the sign of the Scorpion, comes in good ‘ol Mercury at 4º.

Ah yes, this poor planet has gotten quite a bad reputation – thanks to its often catastrophic retrograde periods. But Mercury is actually quite savvy and opportunistic… ruling over our communications, thought patterns, and rationality.

Mercury is a seasoned pro at taking things apart, just so it can put them back together. And that’s exactly what you should expect to be doing on this New Moon.

Combine Scorpio’s passion and Mercury’s brainiac energy, with the cosmic power of a New Moon, and what you’ll get, is a deep dive into your shadow side.

This is the time to go into the depths of your mind… analyze and question your thought patterns – do you really believe them, or have you been conditioned to believe them? Examine your limiting beliefs – why do you think that you can’t move across the country or open that coffee shop?

There’s also the potential for obsession

For becoming so preoccupied with a person, a thought, or an idea, that you fixate on it until nothing else exists. It means you could go looking for answers where there are none, dirt where there is none, truth where there is none.

So be very, very mindful of how you channel Scorpio’s devotional energy at this New Moon. Use this powerful energy to direct your passionate obsession inward, not outward. Analyze your own darkness, shadows, limiting beliefs, and old thought patterns…   Now is the time to go within, plant deep roots, and grow.

3. Is It Getting Hot in Here? Or…

Let’s break this down. Scorpio has two ruling planets – Pluto and Mars. And during this New Moon, it just so happens that Mars is in Aries – which is the planet’s home sign. *boom* fireworks going off at a deafening rate *boom*

Mars is the planet of aggression, ambition, and impulsiveness… it likes to fight, make, and do. This planet flies by the seat of its pants, driven by pure animalistic instincts (yes, including sex). Mars knows what it wants, how to get it, and it’s not afraid to take action baby!

Combine the actionable energy of Mars with the passion of Scorpio, and the take-no-prisoners attitude of Aries… and you’ve got one hell of a New Moon on your hands.

Expect this to lead to some tensions… everyone will have this energy encircling them, so it’s likely that people (you included) will be loudly stating opinions and debating them until you’re blue in the face.

And a warning: Mars is quick to lose its temper. So be sure that you’re checking in with yourself frequently, and if you sense anger bubbling to the surface, remember that it’s best to walk away and cool down. Nothing productive ever happens with a bunch of hot-heads screaming at each other.

On the positive side of this energy, you can expect to feel the heat in more places than your temper… yep, your love life will feel the flame too. We don’t suggest letting that go to waste.

This ambitious energy can also massively benefit you in the form of taking action! Remember – the New Moon symbolizes new beginnings… it’s the perfect time to start new projects, tasks, or hobbies. Make that “wish canvas” and then allow this Mars, Scorpio, Aries trifecta to drive you to ACT on it.

Scorpio is the master of reinvention. Are you ready for yours?

The intense Scorpio vibes of this New Moons makes it one of the most transformational of the year. Don’t allow its power slip from your grasp! Click below to get your New Moon Manifestation Guide now so you can make the most of this paradigm-shifting energy.