On November 4, 2021, The New Moon Rises in Scorpio – The Zodiac Sign of Transformation and Release

Scorpio is a sign that’s all about release.

But with such a high intensity (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve spent any time with this water sign), Scorpio doesn’t really get the credit it deserves in regards to its incredibly transformative power.

And that’s exactly what this New Moon is asking of you… to transform. 

The New Moon serves as the blank canvas on which to draw your dreams… So what will you leave behind? And what will you become?

And wouldn’t it be nice if it was really that easy? Draw your wishes on a canvas, walk away from it, forget it exists at all, and then effortlessly receive your every desire… *sighhhh*

But alas, New Moons rarely come without a host of other planetary alignments that contribute their own spice into the energic mix at hand. Not to mention all the cosmic baggage they bring along with them (real cool, universe).

There has been A LOT of work to do this year. And while it seems like we literally say that every year… 2021 (ok, and 2020!) has definitely hit a bit harder than previous years have, don’t you agree?

And now that we’re inching closer to 2022, the question we all want to know is: are we finally stepping into a new paradigm?

At the time of the Scorpio New Moon, the skies are giving us all three big opportunities to step up…

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1. Strategic Scorpio

New Moons are about new beginnings and moving in new directions. And Scorpio is all about strategy…

If you have some strategy about where you want to go, everything should fall into place for you.

But let’s break it down a little more…

New Moons are dark by their very nature and symbolize something that we can’t quite see yet; something hidden. Scorpio is a sign that is shrouded in mystery. This combination makes for something really magical… we know there’s something big brewing beneath the surface, we’re just not totally sure what it is yet.

Scorpio inspires you to make plans even if it’s not super-clear what you’re making plans for. If you’re looking to let go of something that no longer works for you or you want to incorporate something new into your life, now is the time to do it.

2. The Final New Moon of 2021

Although it might seem a little early in the year for the final New Moon of the year, you better believe it. We are heading right into eclipse season so what would ordinarily be a December New Moon will actually be a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

So, that really does give this New Moon a boost in terms of influencing your new beginnings, your fresh starts and your next chapter. It’s really important to use this New Moon to your full advantage as it will bear strong weight over who you will become next year and beyond.

3. Is It Getting Hot in Here? Or…

Let’s break this down. Scorpio has two ruling planets – Pluto and Mars. And during this New Moon, it just so happens that Mars is in Scorpio too – which is a transit that inspires bold and brave action. *boom* fireworks going off at a deafening rate *boom*

Mars is the planet of aggression, ambition, and impulsiveness… it likes to fight, make, and do. This planet flies by the seat of its pants, driven by pure animalistic instincts (yes, including sex). Mars knows what it wants, how to get it, and it’s not afraid to take action baby!

Combine the actionable energy of Mars with the passion of Scorpio… and you’ve got one hell of a New Moon on your hands.

When Mars is in Scorpio, you become more fearless in your pursuit of your goals and dreams. And you’re not afraid to do what it takes to get there.

And a warning: Mars is quick to lose its temper. So be sure that you’re checking in with yourself frequently, and if you sense anger bubbling to the surface, remember that it’s best to walk away and cool down. Nothing productive ever happens with a bunch of hot-heads screaming at each other.

On the positive side of this energy, you can expect to feel the heat in more places than your temper… yep, your love life will feel the flame too. We don’t suggest letting that go to waste.

This ambitious energy can also massively benefit you in the form of taking action! Remember – the New Moon symbolizes new beginnings… it’s the perfect time to start new projects, tasks, or hobbies. Make that “wish canvas” and then allow this Moon, Sun, Mars trifecta to drive you to ACT on it.

Scorpio is the master of reinvention. Are you ready for yours?

The intense Scorpio vibes of this New Moons makes it one of the most transformational of the year. Don’t allow its power slip from your grasp! Click below to get your New Moon Manifestation Guide now so you can make the most of this paradigm-shifting energy.