Moon Square Pluto Transit Meaning

A Moon Square Pluto transit there is often an energy of self-destruction in the air, particularly when it comes to emotions. Things that were once hidden can come to light in spectacular fashion. Hidden feelings get exposed.

But it’s not just personal feelings that can come to the fore, many of us can actually use the emotional energy to our advantage (but not necessarily in a good way)! Even the most kind-hearted could fall for the Moon’s little trap today, using emotional manipulation to get what they want. And they might not even know they are doing it!

So, today, check yourself before you speak and think about the impact of your words. Try not to get your own way by preying on the emotions of others. While you may think it sounds like an easy task – avoiding taking advantage sounds pretty easy – it will be a little more difficult for some of the signs…

The Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – may find themselves overpromising on something that they know they won’t be able to deliver on. A good lesson for today is to ensure you don’t over-sell yourself or underestimate others.

This transit can also lead to behavior that is compulsive as well as destructive. The reason is feelings that have been buried deep are becoming exposed. It is challenging to mitigate such intense emotions. But it may actually be a healing process to get them released from your unconscious.

It is possible to have power struggles with families or close partners. It may result in emotional ruthlessness. You may find yourself becoming jealous, manipulative, and bullying. It may even result in domestic violence. Regardless if you are the offender or the victim in any of these relationships, the trial can be turned into a critical opportunity for transformation and evolution.


What is the meaning of a moon square Pluto in the birth chart?

A moon square Pluto in the birth chart provides an intense emotional inner life as well as compulsive behavioral patterns. Dark and deep emotions, as well as self-destructive behavior, can result in emotional crisis throughout the lifespan of the person until a specific evolutionary breakthrough is achieved. Psychological self-analysis, as well as counseling, will reveal the root cause of the emotional anguish buried deep in the person’s subconscious.

The reason is your emotional reactions stem from such a buried place that self-discipline is so challenging, especially when the individual is growing up. Your moods, as well as your actions, may have always been damaging your relationships and other critical areas of your life. The root cause of the pain often results from home life, family, and close relationships. There may have been an obsessive maternal figure. It is also possible that there may be hereditary causes for the inner turmoil.

It is via these intimate connections and within the home life that the emotional crisis often occurs. Keep in mind that the moon is also the ruler of public life, so you may be subjected to some painful involvements in which your emotional wounds and private areas of your life are exposed for everyone to see.

It is possible for the individual to form very close connections with people as well as special places. Your devotion and need to shield those you love can be viewed as smothering. It makes you feel misunderstood. You will need to mitigate your propensity to control and be manipulative to loved ones. You may be oblivious of this behavior of yours at the conscious level. It leads you to have more powerful feelings of jealousy as well as victimization.

You have a ruthless streak when it comes to eradicating destructive feelings. You want to eliminate them from your unconscious once you have reached a level of self-awareness. It is this point of evolutionary breakthrough in which things begin to improve for you.

During your life journey into your subconscious, you may be encountering experiences that are dark. A strong theme in your life is sexuality, and you may find yourself undergoing taboo activities such as domination and abuse. You have an obsessive-compulsive nature regarding these aspects, which can result in problems with your diet. It may even cause you to abuse substances and be gripped by phobias.

An evolutionary breakthrough happens every time you become self-aware and deal with your psychological issues. It will be helpful as you undergo a transformation. It is possible that your neurotic nature can be switched into a type of perfectionism as you dominate critical areas of your life. Self-discipline can lead to optimum power in your life.

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