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Hello Everyone! I am moved to my new home and surrounded by trees, water and mountains and loving it. It has calmed me; I see deer walking down the street; hawks circling daily and many birds I’ve never seen before; families of raccoons also wandering down the street at Sunset and I hear Coyotes, who are protected from human harm, howl at night including the song of the new pup whose high pitched voice is quite funny by comparison to the others deep baritone echos. I am truly blessed.

March Is The Beginning Of The New Year In Astrology

March 20th is the Spring Equinox. (March 20 is also Astrology Day) There are two Equinoxes (Spring and Fall) and two Solstices (Summer and Winter), each of which herald a new season. Spring is the beginning of the year in Astrology. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by Mars, the ultimate explorer, filled with energy and fire and drive, and restless and curious. Spring is when all things are new, light green sprouts showing up all around us, and after the cool and barren winter months, reminds us that life is all around us, and life is eternal.

Each month the Moon gives us a second chance via the New Moon, to reset and start anew. Each Solstice or Equinox does the same, in a more powerful way.

What You Need To Do For March & Spring…

Now is the time to rethink yourself, your home, your job, your life. Like a new born baby with the courage of an Aries, step out into the world and reinvent yourself like a force of nature. It’s an exciting time of rebirth, renewal, and appreciating all that life has to offer. It’s New Years day! Make resolutions, make plans, reinvent yourself, change jobs, move, fall in love and EXPLORE the possibilities. your actions during the next three months are setting the “tone” for the New Year you are entering. What kind of year do you want to live? Explore what you’ve considered exploring. This is not live in your head or think about it tomorrow, time or energy, this is DO IT time. You’re filled with the fire of Mars and raring to go.

A Twist In This Year’s Equinox

Mercury Retrogrades On March 22

This Equinox has an interesting twist to it however, as Mercury goes retrograde March 22, right on the heels of the Equinox. Mercury, the messenger, ruled by Gemini, the Communicator, goes retrograde till April 15th. Retrogrades are about looking back. Our thinking slows down, we make poor choices on the fly. We must ponder and consider the changes we want to make, so I recommend late April or May be the time you implement your Spring Equinox ideas, as they may be stalled prior to that. See set backs as a gift. What did you miss here? What did you forget? What didn’t you consider? Figure that out so when you do make a move, its the right move.

And this Mercury is also in Aries, as is the Sun. There is a lot of power in Aries. It’s the first sign of the Zodiac, the Leader, the Loner, the Explorer and the first of the Fire Signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. He is raw power. He is the God of War. His energy surpasses no other, so when you are faced with fuzzy thinking and the desire to go, not now, but yesterday, you’re in a tricky place. Use that poor tired mind of yours to calm yourself (have you been meditating??) and SLOW DOWN! Because your energy is going to be intense and hard to control. I cannot caution you enough that it is not time to move forward – yet. Just plan, review, review and more review so you can pounce in late April or May fully ready for anything!

Honor & Ethics Take Center Focus

Jupiter Retrogrades On March 9 – July 9

Finally Jupiter is going retrograde on March 9th until July 9th. There will be a great deal of focus on integrity. Honor is making an appearance again, and those who live dishonorably are about to pay the piper. Companies will be reviewing their ethics as well, looking at ways to be more ethical and fair to their employees and consumers. And the public will respond poorly if companies don’t change their ways. How we spend our money has a great deal of power.

Shop with ethical people who treat their employees well. Write letters telling them what changes you want them to make. This is also a time to review our own ethics. Are you honorable, or do you need some life changes to get back on track? Implement those changes, because while Jupiter is in Scorpio, all your secrets will be revealed in time anyhow, so why not change before you’re shamed into it? If you’re trying to do something that seems blocked, ask yourself if what you are trying to accomplish is really who you are? What do you really want? Turn to spirit for answers, and become a more living and selfless person.

It is time for us all to become authentic and real, so that our world will become authentic too.

How will you live out your best self come this spring and show the world your true self? Share in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.