This week, optimistic Jupiter moves into harmonious Libra, following a year in fussy Virgo. The signs are good now for a more diplomatic understanding with those around us – intelligent, reasoned and open-minded debate replaces the critical atmosphere.

aries bigARIES

Make the first move to heal a relationship which is hurting, whether that’s in your love life, your social life or your family. If you want to make this work, you will be able to find a way to compromise.
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Invest your time in learning a new skill. Find ways to say yes to workplace challenges, instead of running from them. You are much more talented than you realize; it’s time to start celebrating and growing your abilities.
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Shake it down and have some fun! There’s a huge sense of optimism and creativity around you this week, so don’t take life too seriously. It’s a fabulous time to take a few risks and to dare to dream big.
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Property matters get the green light this week, so events will move quickly if you’re hoping to move home. Within the family, get in touch with “difficult” relatives, and heal any gaps before they become estrangements.
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Show off your leadership skills by taking command of a complex situation at work. Through diplomacy and strategic thinking, you can carry the day. Step up to the plate when nobody else will.
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virgo VIRGO

Financial pressures ease a little, which allows your sense of hope to return if money has been tight. Take charge of your own future by being more proactive with job seeking or income creation. Don’t wait for the world to come to you.
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Jupiter’s arrival in Libra brings you a very welcome self-confidence boost, and it lightens your outlook on life in general. Problems you’ve been facing seem less onerous now, as your can-do attitude starts to pay dividends.
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It’s an excellent week for working on any phobias you may have, or for seeking therapy of any kind. Be upfront and open about how you feel, and treat your mental health as seriously as your physical health.
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Get your party shoes on – it’s a brilliant time for socializing and for making new friends. Your instinct is to reach out to all those around you, so don’t be narrow minded about someone who you think isn’t your “type”.
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A fresh sense of determination and ambition helps you to hit the ground running at work. You have a clear sense of purpose now, and you’re keen to put your plans into action so that you can get closer to your end goal.
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Boredom and frustration are your enemies this week. Force yourself out of a rut by traveling, or by actively seeking new experiences and adventures. The more you make yourself do, the better you’ll feel.
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Generosity of spirit can go a long way towards healing a rift this week. Be the bigger person and do the right thing. Petty squabbles and jealousies fade into insignificance against what really matters most.