With both the Sun and Mercury making their way into intriguing Scorpio, there’s a deep and quite mysterious tinge to this week’s energies. Introspective thinking brings results, especially once Venus and Saturn join forces later in the week.

aries bigARIES

You’re very skilled at blending emotion and logic this week, so it’s a good time to tackle challenging and sensitive matters. Have those difficult conversations now; you’ll be relieved to finally put this behind you.
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Being able to see every side of every coin is a distinctly mixed blessing just now. You’re talking yourself into and out of every idea on the block – try to stop second guessing yourself. Choose and then stick to your plan.
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Clear out your clutter and get yourself better organized. Benign chaos has engulfed you over the last couple of weeks, but you can come up for air now. Clearing your space helps you to focus more and dither less.
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Explore creative ways to let your feelings out this week, perhaps through art therapy or a craft you enjoy, or through music and dance. Freeing your imagination will enable your subconscious to lighten.
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Your memory gets a boost this week, which is good news for students and anyone doing difficult, focused work. Once you’re “in the zone”, you can go for hours, so clear your backlog of work and get ahead!
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virgo VIRGO

Everything interests you just now – so many lines of enquiry and so little time! Your curiosity can be a powerful tool at work, so keep turning over stones until you find what you’re looking for. And you will.
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Strange coincidences with money, work or business might set you thinking about a new and esoteric career route this week. Do you have a spiritual skill which might be in demand? Does it have business potential?
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You’re much more talkative than normal this week, and that makes it easier for you to make new friends. Expand your social circle and look out for people with whom you feel and instant connection or click.
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Too much thinking about the past is counter-productive to you right now. You may be making yourself miserable over things you cannot change; it’s important to look to the future instead, where you can control events.
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Dust off your long term plan and check that it still meets your needs. You’re very forward thinking this week, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you need to change direction at all. Take charge of the future.
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You can make a powerful case for something you believe in, winning valuable support and allies. Don’t overlook this talent this week; your ability to get others on board will stand you in good stead.
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Meditation will help to calm your thought processes this week, and may soothe irritability too. There are some chaotic influences in your chart, so double check details before you leave home.