Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

Pat yourself in the back if you have survived June’s eclipse and its karmic repercussions. The New Moon is up ahead, and although it is still in the same sign as emotional Cancer, there will be less of a struggle to deal with. Pushing through to the other side would be easier this time, but you still have to make big choices with work-home balance! Get more emotional nourishment for yourself from the people around you, such as your parents, partner, friends, and bosses. Be emotionally available to the people close to you and remember they need you.

Leo season enters by the middle of the week, and its strong, warm, energetic sunshine is something all people should tap into.  However, the Sun will be in opposition to Saturn briefly, so beware of seeking validation in the wrong places which may happen during moments of self-doubt. You may find the voice of your inner critic to be louder this time, but you have to put it aside to gain momentum in making the best version of yourself.

Overall, Leo season foretells a good kind of drama! This season gives you the high to be your most confident self and dance on tables and have roaring fun! Play and create and let your inner Leo child run free. Do you have a secret talent you’ve been neglecting or hiding? Now is the time to unleash it and do something fresh. Your secret talent may be what the world needs! Since it is Leo season, you may want to get into the vibe by dressing up with sparkly adornments. Fill your social calendar and accept invitations. Call your friends and have a rollicking fun Zoom conference. Soak up Leo energies this week, and have the courage to shine as brightly as the sun!

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