Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

It is a fiery and intense week with three fire signs spinning around the Sun and the planets of Mercury and Mars. Expect passion, power and inspiration to rise on the horizon. However, since these are hot fiery energies, there will be temper flare-ups, and forays into aggression. Be careful how you steer when you are on the driver’s seat!   Mercury, in proud Leo and Mars in warrior Aries, will not take no for an answer. This is a week of action, and you may want to keep pushing at all costs!

These fiery energies will define your relationship with significant others, friends, colleagues and bosses. The intense spinning planets will either be destructive or constructive, so hit the brakes, pause, breathe, and make smart decisions.

Mercury is squared with Uranus so you might be shocking others with the words you say!

Inspiration and brilliance also spark up when Mercury and Uranus meet head-on so prepare yourself for a visit from the Muses.

Pandora’s box may be opened this week with Mars squaring with Pluto. It is a dark time where you might be witnessing a lot of aggression. You could be feeling a little toxic inside yourself. Constructively channel these dark forces and hit the boxing station and let those Martian energies out!

Finally, the Sun and Mercury will trine Mars, and this is a time where dreams can be turned to reality. You will be tasked to walk the talk and set things in motion. Confident Leo will allow you to be persuasive and be a leader.

This week asks you to be nimble and avoid the pitfall of negative energies. Stay in the light and harness the rewards of the planets!

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