Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

Expect sunshine through the week as well as plenty of love all under the moonbeam rays of the freedom-loving full moon in Aquarius!

Full moons are a time of fulfillment and culmination; however, a Full Moon in Aquarius will have some tricks up its sleeve. The full moon for this week is angled with Uranus. The seeds you have planted early in the year will come to fruition, but there will be some small snags before you harvest your fruits. Prepare yourself for disruptions. Unexpected changes and surprising circumstances will challenge your ability to adapt and be flexible. Uranus’ vibration is all about freedom and being authentic, embrace the changes, and be your most original and creative self, and you should do great.

Mercury will be headed to powerful Leo, and Venus will be entering sweet and committed Cancer!

Mercury, in proud Leo, is not the time to hide in the shadows. Dig deep into the message of your heart and shout it out loud. People need to hear your truth. Now is the time to let your leadership abilities shine with your ability to speak gracefully and motivate with your words. Mercury’s angle with Saturn will help you achieve better depth and reflection in your ideas and the words you choose.

Affairs of the heart will get serious with Venus in Cancer. Cancer wants to love and be loved. You will have extra tender feelings for family, lovers, friends, and even pets.  This is a great time to snuggle and connect with your lover and let those sweet nothings gush out. The vibrations of this cosmic energy want you to settle for the real deal and nothing less.

Overall, this is a great week, so go ahead and enjoy the sunshine and shout carpe diem!

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