An action-oriented Full Moon in Libra encourages decisive action this week, and with Mercury arriving in Aries too, there’s plenty of bravery and independent thought around. However, a very volatile Mars-Uranus square warns that boldness can all too easily turn into aggression.

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Try to be patient if a well-meaning friend attempts to intervene in your relationship. Affairs of the heart don’t run smoothly, but only because some people think they know what’s best for you. Listen politely, but then make your own choices.




A difficult week at work could lead to some rash decisions if you’re not careful. No matter how stressful it gets or how irritating colleagues are, remember that you chose this job for a reason. Don’t throw it away on a whim.




You’re very quick to dismiss an opportunity, thinking it’s not right for you – but use the energies of the Full Moon to reconsider. Anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone will prove surprisingly rewarding now.



Deep emotions could bring tears around the Full Moon, especially if your childhood memories aren’t as good as they might have been. Look to a close friend for support if you feel anxious or betrayed – you don’t have to do this alone.




What you don’t say is every bit as important as what you do say, especially around the Full moon. Be open and honest with your loved ones and friends – avoid the temptation to lie by omission.




Financial difficulties may cause frustration during this Full Moon period, especially if you’re prevented from taking a trip or indulging in a hobby due to lack of money. On a positive note, this could be your catalyst for change.




The Full Moon in your own sign brings out your wild side, and you’ll feel much more spontaneous than normal. Your yearning to take a risk could be a good thing, but take care not to rush into something dangerous – think things through.




Karmic issues preoccupy you this week and the Full Moon energies highlight a connection at a soul level with an extended family member. Try to forgive previous wrongdoing for the sake of your own mental health.



Getting things done within a team is an uphill struggle this week as there are some huge egos in play. Your best bet is to stay in the background and get on with it. Don’t seek the limelight, or you’ll give someone an excuse to try and stop you.



Money issues dominate this week, perhaps prompted by a mini crisis around the Full Moon. Avoid gambling of any kind and seek expert financial help if you need it. Something that seems too good to be true most definitely is – watch for scams.




Your patience is tested and so is your moral compass. There’s a temptation to get away with something, especially if it helps a family member. However, you know better than this. Do the right thing, even at personal cost.



Jealousy and resentment may be stirred up by the Full Moon, but you can find peace through meditation and the messages that are filling your dreams. Step away from vengeful preoccupations and seek the bigger spiritual picture.