Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

This can be an emotional roller coaster week since Mercury is in sensitive Cancer. Emotions will cloud communications and thinking with sensitive Cancer’s influence, which can be overwhelming for some. Expect those tough crabby hands to take the big guns out with Mercury in Cancer squaring fiery Mars in Aries. Expect a bit of toughness from your boss and a bit of sourness from your sweetheart.

You may also find yourself throwing caution to the wind and blazing a trail towards paths where angels fear to tread.  The volatility of the week is further enhanced by the Sun squaring Uranus. There would be a lot of pressure and opposition all around. Take control of the steering wheel, and don’t let things hurtle towards a catastrophic end! Stop the cycle of tug of wars and obsessive thoughts. Now is the time to examine inner energies that conflict!

The trine of Mercury with Neptune allows your intuition to operate in full force, allowing you to make decisions wisely. Pause for a moment and follow your gut instincts all the way. Use your instincts to assess whether you should or shouldn’t give away your trust since Venus Neptune square is on the horizon.

Overall, this is a great week for expressing yourself! Enjoy your freedom, but be responsible for what it entails. Harness your leadership and expressive abilities but exercise it within limits. Balance and self-awareness are the keys to surviving this eventful, topsy turvy week!

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