There’s a creative buzz around this week, as both the Sun and Venus move into Leo – this is energy with a flair for style as well as a liking for the dramatic.

Fortunately, any drama is likely to be of the fun kind, as Mars trines Jupiter and helps to spark brilliant ideas, outlandish concepts and moments of insanity which may just work!

Under the bright light of the Leo Sun and love planet Venus in Leo until August 21st, you might find yourself longing for recognition. You now want to stand out and be seen and appreciated just for being your unique self. You may become more aware of what makes you special — your talents, personality, and past experience — and you want other people to notice too!

Leo rules the heart, and love is in the air. You might be more romantic than usual, surprising your sweetie with flowers or chocolates. You’ll certainly appreciate being showered with gifts yourself! Leo is the king or queen, and both giving and receiving the royal treatment are highly satisfying.

Creative energy is strong, and this is a great time to devote yourself to your artistic passions and stoke your creative fire. Drama is Leo’s specialty, and when the need for self-expression isn’t honored, melodrama can result. Mercury conjunct Venus this week too so its an excellent time for relationships, both romantic and business. Social interaction is smooth. We are courteous and well-mannered.



Widen your horizons – take a risk and open yourself up to the world. Travel is well starred this week but so is a more philosophical kind of journey. Open your mind to viewpoints and beliefs you have previously shunned.




Unlocking buried emotions can be very healing this week. It may understandably prompt a few tears too, but there’s a great deal to be said for opening the floodgates once in a while. Express your emotions, clear the air and feel freer and fresher.




Your sweetheart can show you how to communicate better, so listen and learn! Take your lover’s advice over a tricky situation. If you’re single, look out for someone you may meet in a study or training situation.




Ground yourself by walking barefoot on the earth. You are very in tune with nature this week and this in itself can be healing and nourishing. Explore the possibilities suggested by new therapies or alternative health philosophies.




You’ve certainly got an audience – so use it well! People will find you inspiring and fascinating in equal measure this week, so it’s a great time for an interview or for getting people to support your endeavors. Show off what you’ve got!




Think about redecorating your home to better reflect your personality and your personal history. Meaningful artwork, photographs of good memories, calming color schemes: think feng shui with a modern twist you can call your own.




As you’re such a sociable sign, you can be prone to over-sharing, especially on social media. This week, however, don’t hesitate to open up. Someone will find your story inspirational and will take real comfort and strength from your journey.




You can expect friends and colleagues to be very helpful in your career this week. Don’t stress out about using their help. It’s not brown-nosing or social climbing – at least, not provided you always stand ready to return the favor.




What’s your mission? The Mars-Jupiter trine helps you find a way to make your own experiences meaningful in the lives of others. Perhaps you could mentor or teach, or smooth the path for someone who is struggling? Make a difference.




Cut down on your social life a little this week, giving yourself some more privacy and space. You have some soul work to do and some emotional healing too. Enjoying your own company, at this time, is very therapeutic and energizing.




Collaborate with your sweetheart and your mutual circle of friends. To do what? Whatever inspires you! The power of teamwork is very strong now and you can get a great deal done when you work together. Don’t try to go it alone.




This is a stabilizing week, which brings you the chance to work on a long-term vision or plan. Enthusiasm and motivation are strong, so structure some concrete steps you can take to move from A to B. There’s a lot of potential here.