Prepare for a roller-coaster week, as the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse in the tender, emotional and family-oriented sign of Cancer builds, continuing a series of Eclipses that began in  July 2018. Astrology says these Eclipses outline your desire for security in all areas, but this one is specifically related to emotional and relationship security. Tears shall be shed and tissues depleted as the Eclipse offers you a chance to release and, as Princess Elsa says (sings, actually) so well – let it go!

Repeat her words as a mantra to yourself now, and please, darling, really let that sh*t go – don’t let old baggage hold you back any longer! It’s time to close certain chapters and cry it out. Besides, you have the help of a grounded Mercury-Sun conjunction in pragmatic Capricorn to make sense of it all, giving you the opportunity to talk all the feels out. And Uranus moving Direct after a hella long time lets you feel, among all the salty difficulty, the absolute joy of pure liberation. Living your best life doesn’t come easy, you know.

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Things at work gather speed for you this week, Aries, as the planets congregate in your professional zone.




The Full Moon Eclipse builds and breaks in your personal growth zone, sweet Taurus! The result is a life that is far more aligned to your highest good.




Communication flows with ease, Gemini. Work your humor on the one who’s in charge at work – you can use your magic to try for some nice, hard cash.




Full Moons are hard for your sensitive soul, Cancer, and this one is about your relationships, and whether you’re ready to let someone go, or allow the bond to transform.




Perhaps it’s time to release stress by doing something totally new, Leo, and maybe that involves a softer path where you can allow that big ol’ heart to lead the way.




As the planets gather in your romance zone, Virgo, you can see all the hard work you’ve been putting into your relationships finally bear fruit with the Full Moon Eclipse.




Libra, the universe may show you the way with this Eclipse, and though it’s not easy to let go, there are some things not worth holding onto.




Uranus moving direct in your romance zone, Scorpio, means that things can finally shift in your relationship, with personal freedom as the main focal point.




The Lunar Eclipse may be a good time to release outdated values, Sagittarius, and think about what is really important to you, and how you can make that reality.




The struggle is real, Capricorn, as the Lunar Eclipse in your sign reflects major upheaval; you’ll realize you’ve been clinging to stuff that just doesn’t matter anymore.




Spend time alone this week, Aquarius, and figure out what your spirit really wants and work to make it happen; the inner work you’ve been doing is going to pay off now.




It’s a face-off this week as the Lunar Eclipse highlights a difficult choice between friends and love, sweet Pisces – it’s not nice, and unfortunately, you can’t just avoid it.