aries bigARIES

Getting to grips with your work-life balance gets slightly easier as the New Moon shines from your love zone and Mercury turns your thoughts to all things sensual. Prioritize your love life; you’ve done more than your fair share of work.



Make intelligent choices about your own wellbeing, both physical and mental. You can’t keep giving if you’re not looking after yourself. Focus on healing, rest and re-charging. Find space in your daily routine for mindfulness or meditation.




It’s all fun and games until it’s not. You’re in a light-hearted, slightly reckless mood but what you see as fun someone else may see very differently. Be aware of the effect you are having on others, and make sure it is positive.




Relationships with in-laws could be tricky but the solution is to find something you have in common – other than your partner! Show an interest in someone’s hobby or invite them to join you in something fun. It could make all the difference.



Rushed off your feet? It’s a very busy week with fast-moving events and probably lots of changes of plans. You might think you have to rush to keep up, but don’t forget to factor in some family time. The world can turn without you for a short while.


virgo VIRGO

Money worries ease off a little as the New Moon brings a boost to your finances. Turn your thoughts to your social life now if you can. It’s an excellent time to get back in touch with old friends and to renew childhood bonds.



Watch out for a materialistic streak in your actions – not like you at all. If tempted to put money above all else, remember that your purpose on earth is to inspire kindness and tolerance. The New Moon in your sign will help.




Dreams and imagery are important, surrounding you with messages from the cosmos and from your own higher self. Open your mind as Mercury arrives in Scorpio and learn to see beyond the obvious. There are layers of meaning around you now.



You have mixed feelings about socializing; you don’t want to stay home alone but nor do you have patience for large groups of noisy people. Spend quality time with your closest friends but give bigger events a miss.




The New Moon in your ambition zone brings new enthusiasm as you start to see progress towards a goal. Look around you and create closer links with colleagues and allies – teamwork is about to become very important; you can’t always work alone.




A New Moon in your adventure zone stirs up feelings of restlessness tinged with excitement. Look at the bigger picture and create milestones you can aim for. You have huge potential at the moment, so don’t limit yourself.




This quiet and thoughtful week focuses on psycho-analysis of some kind; get to know yourself better and use your intuition and your sixth sense to understand where others are coming from too. Great insight is yours for the taking – use it wisely.