aries bigARIES

Let go of the things you cannot control. Focus your energies instead of resolving, changing or improving the things you can change and influence. Channel your energy where it can have the most effect.




Enjoy heart to heart chats with your sweetheart about your shared ideals. Together, you make a brilliant team and you could change society for the better. What will you do as a unit to help manifest a better world?





You sense that your talents aren’t being fully used – perhaps it’s time to look for work which is more in tune with your ideals? Or take the time to skill up and to promote your abilities where you currently are. Don’t hide your light.




Time for a change? If you feel that you are stagnating in life, liven things up a little. Whether you want to change jobs, move home or even find a new relationship, take the first steps in the right direction now.




You can’t choose your family – so don’t lose sleep over a relative who is playing silly games. Keep moving forward with your own life and put aside the jealousies of those around you. Your motives are good and that’s all that matters.



virgo VIRGO

Open up new lines of communication now to heal any rifts which have developed in recent years. Your role here is that of peace broker. Don’t take sides, don’t pass judgment, just allow people to come together and heal in their own way.




Make peace with how you earn your living, even if it’s not what you dreamed it would be. Your area of work is not important; what matters is where your heart is and how you make a difference t in people’s lives. You’re doing your best.




Forgive those who judge you because of your image, your appearance, your social status or anything else. They will learn. Stand up tall and be proud of your identity this week. Remember, you are someone’s role model.




Don’t obsess over your perceived weaknesses. What you see as a problem, others see as a lovable quirk or just part of who you are – and they love you anyway. Be your own best friend and mentor, instead of your own worst critic.




Challenge yourself to listen to and understand a viewpoint you would not normally tolerate – note that you don’t have to agree with it, just hear it out. We often choose to only hear what we want to hear. Can you move past that restriction?





Let go of the limiting belief that your lack of wealth holds you back in life. If you think you can only go so far, you will prove yourself right. Instead, look beyond materialism and open up your true potential. You can do anything.





Strike up a conversation with someone new and get to know them without any preconceptions. There are a wealth of new friends waiting for you, but you must first be willing to accept people who don’t seem to be your “type”.