aries bigARIES

Your urge to travel is stronger than ever and you sense that you can learn a great deal through interacting with other people, new places and different cultures. Resolve to make travel a priority for a while, within your budget and means.




Jupiter’s shift brings buried emotions to the surface and you may spend a lot of time processing things from the past. It’s a good time to seek therapy or counseling if you believe it might help. Look to the future with confidence.





Partnerships of all kinds, whether personal or business, benefit hugely from Jupiter’s shift. You can expect others to look at you in a new light now, so put your very best self out there on display. A new love could well be on the horizon.




Positive news about your health or well-being puts a real spring in your step and you have the willpower now to give up unhealthy habits for good. If you’ve tried to get healthier in the past but failed, now is your time to succeed.




Optimism surges through you now, especially with regard to any creative or artistic projects you have in mind. This is a joyful week and an inspirational one too. You’ll especially love being around children or young people, and animals.



virgo VIRGO

You’re being urged to turn your home into your spiritual power base. Do what you can to make it more of a sanctuary, even if that means changing the purpose of some rooms or remodeling the layout. Choose colors which inspire and relax.




Your urge to chat is off the scale now, urged on by Jupiter – but there is such a thing as over-sharing! Be careful to keep your personal life personal, especially around people you don’t know very well. It doesn’t hurt to be enigmatic!




Jupiter’s shift is fantastic news for your bank balance and you should start to feel prosperity flowing towards you now. It’s an excellent time to look into manifestation and visualization techniques to keep the momentum going.




Your light is shining stronger than ever now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius. It’s the perfect time to make a good impression, whether you’re looking for a new job or a new love. You’re very good company, and people like what they see.




All things mystical and mysterious fascinate you now and you may be surprised to find yourself researching spiritual and esoteric matters with enthusiasm. Jupiter asks you to look for meaning, and you’re certainly responding to that.





Jupiter’s message to you is about the importance of teamwork, so you’ll want to expand your social life and your circle of business acquaintances too. Get to know others but don’t judge people based purely on how useful they are to you.





Professional recognition is on the way, courtesy of Jupiter. You may find yourself in line for a promotion at work or perhaps new work opportunities appear around every corner. It feels great to finally have your hard work acknowledged this way.