aries bigARIES

Freedom is a big issue – freedom to think, act and speak however you wish. If anyone tries to restrict you, they’ll face your wrath for sure. Try to be as upfront and open as you can with your sweetheart, so that your wishes don’t come as a surprise!



The only person holding you back is you. Dig deep to find some fresh courage and take a bold step forwards, especially in your career. Whatever you think you can achieve, you’re right – so think big and aim high.





This week is all about trust. There are opportunities opening up but you may well feel confused and conflicted about which direction to choose. The answers are there if you listen to your subconscious. Trust yourself to make the right decision.



Counter an intensely emotional week with plenty of down time. Don’t be surprised if you are very easily moved, whether to tears or to laughter. Your energy is very sensitive just now, so cut yourself some slack and don’t be afraid to feel.



Your love relationship is the focus of this week’s cosmic attention. Growing closer than ever to your lover means sharing your vulnerabilities as well as your strengths. Raw emotions are close to the surface, but this is a positive step.


virgo VIRGO

A search for meaning this week could find you looking to move jobs or even to change career entirely. It’s important that you feel you’re making a difference, so you’ll want to earn money in an ethically sound manner.




Take a creative gamble. You’re more gifted than you realize: is it time to strike out on your own or showcase your work more widely? Do more of what makes you smile, even if it’s a scary journey at times.




Home and domestic responsibilities are key, so allow plenty of time for family matters. It’s a very good time for trying to heal a family rift and for reaching out to those relatives you barely know. Get in touch with your roots.




Your ever-curious mind is keen to grow and develop, so why not go back to school? Extra education or training is important just now, even if for its own sake. Learning is a good thing in itself, it does not always have to lead somewhere.



Tumultuous financial energies could bring a shock to your bank balance: don’t panic. Although your earnings, investments or financial stability may feel challenged, show the world that you know there’s more to life than money.



Stand up for your own identity; refuse to be absorbed into a corporate culture or someone else’s idea of who you should be. It’s a time for speaking up and for being proud of your individuality. Lead the way!




Something hidden comes to light and may have quite a profound impact on your life. Embrace the news, even if at first you don’t like it – this is an emotional and spiritual turning point which you will come to appreciate in time.