aries bigARIES

Packed with energy, you feel like you can take on the world now – and why not? Harness all that enthusiasm and make a bold start with your New Year goals. Sports and exercise are particularly well-starred now.



After the excess of the holiday period, you’re keen to take a more spiritual approach to the new year. It’s an excellent time for committing to charity work of some kind or for joining clubs or groups aimed at improving your local community.




Another year and you’re still not all partied out! 2019 begins on a highly sociable note for you, so keep on reaching out to like-minded people. Back at work, you could cultivate some very useful contacts now.



Your ambitions are soaring as the new year gets underway. Think carefully about where you want to head this year and start taking some positive steps forward in your career and working life. You’ve got this!



2019 starts on a thoughtful note for you, Leo. You’re questioning everything, which is healthy but time consuming! Investigate new beliefs, new scientific theories, new ways of life, new topics of interest – whatever is new floats your boat.


virgo VIRGO

An emotional beginning to 2019 finds you thinking deeply about spirituality, love, loss and life. This is a very good time to seek counseling or therapy if you think it would help your well-being or your mental health. You’re not alone.



Passions run high as 2019 gets underway, not least in your love life! If you’re in love this could be a week to remember; if you’re not, look out for a chance encounter which quickly becomes something much more. Sparks are flying!



Your thoughts turn to your health as the new year begins, but this time you really do mean it. Your willpower is exceptionally strong right now, so do get started on kicking bad habits or taking up healthy new ones. You can do it.



Let your playful, child-like, creative side out to play as 2019 gets underway. It’s a brilliant time for art, crafts, music, drama or anything else creative. Your talents in these areas are far greater than you realize – show us what you can do!



As 2019 begins, you’re determined to make a better job of your work-life balance this year. Look into flexible working arrangements, remote working or perhaps even becoming self-employed. Take a leap of faith and make it work.



What do you want to learn in 2019? Your mind is very open right now and it’s the perfect time to sign up for a new course or qualification of some kind. Don’t limit yourself. Knowledge is knowledge, so go for it – even if you just do it for fun.



Financially, good news is on the way – just in time, after a very expensive festive season! This year, make a resolution to get your finances under control and learn to deal with your impulse or emotional spending. Create some stability. You need it.