aries bigARIES

A very pleasant week is in store, although you would like to shake up tradition a little and try something new. How you celebrate and what you celebrate is your own business, so don’t allow the naysayers to change your mind.



It’s family first this week and you’re set to enjoy a very warm and loving time. Jealousy could be an issue, however, especially if you’re single and mixing with friends who are also single. Keep thinking positive.




A beautiful week is in store, especially if you’re in love. Special words between you and your sweetheart make some fantastic memories; this is a wonderful time for a romantic getaway. Keep talking and sharing your dreams.



Don’t worry about getting everything perfect this week – just enjoy the time with your loved ones! Who cares if your tableware all matches or if your home décor is in the latest style – chill out and relax!



You’re feeling like a big kid this week and you’ll love having small children around at this special time of year. The week isn’t without its occasional awkward moments, but you can bring enough laughter and good cheer for everyone.


virgo VIRGO

This is an intensely family-focused week for you and you may resent friends or colleagues interfering in any way. Once your festivities are over, you’d like to chill out at home in private – and why not? Don’t feel that you have to go out.



Lots of laughter, lots of gossip and lots of fun – what a lovely week in store! It’s a very sociable vibe so you’ll want to mix and mingle with as many people as possible. If you’re single, look out for a very special blind date!



Even though you enjoy the week’s festivities, your thoughts are still on work and career matters. It’s fine to keep working as much as you can, but do remember that your family wants to spend some quality time with you too!



Your unconventional ideas may rock the boat this week – but people will love what you have to offer, provided you introduce it gently! Go for persuasion and softly softly rather than shock tactics and the ripping up of tradition!



A deeply emotional festive week brings both laughter and some moments of tears or poignancy, especially if you are missing the presence of someone special. Take good care of yourself and allow your family to help you heal.



Your feet will hardly touch the ground this week during a whirlwind of social engagements and family commitments. It’s tiring, but good fun. You are rather thankful, however, that this festive season comes around just once a year!



It’s quite hard work keeping relatives happy and the family entertained this week. Don’t feel that you have to do it alone – delegate and demand some help! After all, these are your festivities too! Make time to relax and enjoy it all!