aries bigARIES

What’s yours is yours, right? Why should you have to share? You may feel possessive but remember that others have shared when you needed help. Don’t be afraid to give. When you do, give from the heart.




Your relationship is your top priority and there may be some important promises to be made. As you and your sweetheart become more and more connected and entwined, your joint power is emerging as a force to be reckoned with.




Don’t over-think the simple things. Your daily routine is blighted with too much second-guessing and blame gaming. Do what you need to do with goodwill and happy intentions. It is what it is – acceptance brings peace of mind



Heavy duty flirtations could bring fireworks if you’re already in an established relationship. If you’re single, an intense encounter could prove to be highly significant. Follow your gut instincts over who to trust and to what extent.



You may need some time to adjust to family-related news – but you’ll soon find reasons to smile about it, even if it comes out of the blue. Make it your mission to look for the positive. There’s plenty of good news to find if only you care to look.


virgo VIRGO

Try to find a simpler way of getting your point across; you may be inadvertently confusing people. Whether at work or at home, keep it simple and give the minimum of detail for now. Your audience will soon get the hang of it; then you can elaborate.



Don’t be surprised to find yourself making choices you never thought you would make. Circumstances have changed, and you are no longer the person you were ten years ago. You have grown and adapted, and that’s a very good thing.



Lost in thought, you may find that time whizzes past, leaving you struggling to meet deadlines or other commitments. Talk to a trusted ally about your concerns; this will free up some headspace so that you can re-join the rest of us!



A profound or moving moment touches you deeply and leaves you with a lot to think about. Matters of faith and belief are uppermost in your mind and you have many questions – as always. Seek spiritual truth in all that you do.




Expect a magical moment when your head and heart seem to work in perfect harmony, creating a breakthrough on the path to your ambitions. Don’t stop – keep moving forwards, because the momentum is now with you.




You’re in the spotlight, so others have plenty to say about you. Not all of it will be complimentary. Take the good and ignore the bad; know that you’ve had the courage to put yourself forwards where others hide and snipe from the sidelines.



Get out and about as much as you can in order to stave off restlessness. If you can travel somewhere beautiful, you’ll feel refreshed and inspired. Even within your own neighborhood, seek out the new and the novel – a new feast for your eyes.