The Moon in Pisces

In Astrology, the Full Moon in Pisces and with the Sun in opposing Virgo, highlights the balance between order and chaos in our lives. This is an especially sensitive Astrological event and we may find ourselves overwhelmed by our feelings or the energies around us, even if we are not usually open to these subtle energies. The Full Moon in Pisces is an excellent time for daydreaming, imaginative energy, compassion and calm, flowing easily with whatever changes may come. Our powers of empathy are likely to be strong around this time and we have an increased awareness of humanity, indeed all of life on earth, as a united whole.

What Does Moon in Pisces Mean?

These two zodiac signs, Virgo and Pisces, share an urge to give service, to devote ourselves to something more than our personal journey or our material security. Whether it’s an idea, a higher “being” or simply humanity as a collective, our actions take on a deeper meaning when we dedicate them to our chosen vision of the greater good. Giving service in this way reminds us that we are all connected, that we are all one, and this is a key message of the Full Moon in Pisces.

How Does the Full Moon in Pisces Affect Us?

Whilst Virgo energy likes to categorize and organize, Pisces knows that we are all made of the same star substance. Virgo energy is rooted in the earth, devoted to the application of knowledge and finding practical solutions, whilst Pisces connects to a more universal understanding, transcending the individual self to merge with universal consciousness in the form we are most drawn to. In its shadow form, Pisces energy can manifest as addiction or simply a loss of self. The shadow side of Virgo can be a compulsion to micro-manage all the details of our lives and even the lives of those around us. This Astrological event is likely to highlight where we are in control and where we are out of control in our lives, and how we can find a healthier balance of the two.

Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is close to the Full Moon, ramping up the mystical energy. Neptune energy is nebulous and can leave us feeling confused and lacking in control or a sense of direction. The Virgo end of the dynamic may seek to impose this direction but going with the flow is the only way to deal with strong Neptune and Pisces energy. We are likely to be especially aware of the flow of our energy at this Full Moon, moving with our inner tides as well as the tides of collective energy all around us. A helpful sextile from shadowy Pluto may pull us into the underworld, but however deep we go we will find the resources we need to return to the surface with hidden treasure.


This September Full Moon brings an energy of release for your zodiac sign. It’s a chance to let go of what no longer serves you, Aries. Make space for the seeds of a new beginning. You may need to get out of your own way and let go of a need to rush ahead. Your usual impulses to action and quick thinking may seem to be lost in a fog, just out of reach among the mists. This Full Moon      brings subtle shifts and calls upon you to surrender yourself, just for a while.



This is likely to be a sociable September Full Moon for you, Taurus but it will also challenge you to go deeper. You may be called to let go of what is tangible in order to connect more deeply to a sense of higher purpose and meaning in life. This may not be what you expect and if your plans go awry around the Full Moon it may be the universe helping you to align yourself more clearly             with this sense of purpose.



The Full Moon falls in your house of career and vocation, Gemini. If you’ve been seeking to make changes in this area, something may come to a head which helps you on your way. It may not happen in the way you expect, so pay attention and keep your mind open.




This Moon Phase highlights the realm of exploration and higher thinking for you and you may find yourself traveling somewhere new, either literally or figuratively. It’s likely that you are more comfortable with traditional beliefs and philosophies, finding a sense of security and belonging in ideas which have been passed down through the generations. If you’ve become too attached to    these, the Full Moon energy may call you to release them in favor of a more mystical connection.




Your close relationships are under the spotlight around the Full Moon, Leo, and you’re called to move beyond your personal experience. You may have a sense of merging with someone close to you or even with the world around you, so that your usually strong sense of self seems to be dissolving. Your imagination is especially powerful at this time.




The Sun in your own zodiac sign illuminates your close relationships and you may be gaining a new awareness of the balance of energies between your feeling self and your practical, everyday self. If you struggle to express your feelings, Virgo, then you may be compelled to do so, as this Moon Phase asks if you are you surrendering to the flow of your relationship or trying to control it?



The Full Moon lunar phase energy is likely to manifest for you, Libra, through practical work, You’ll have a need to get stuck into and complete any outstanding projects or tasks that you dislike. You may be called to manifest your ideals in a tangible way, as the Full Moon is asking you to come down from your ivory tower and simply do the work that needs to be done. If issues around your well-being are arising, deal with the underlying cause of the imbalance not just the surface manifestation.



This Full Moon lunation brings great creative potential for your zodiac sign, as long as you are able to balance connecting deeply with your emotions and your inner self and finding tangible ways to manifest this connection. This is a time to create without a specific goal in mind, simply allowing yourself to be a channel for whatever wants to come through.



This Full Moon lunar phase may bring the tides of your past washing back to you, taking you back to your source. Wherever you came from, Sagittarius, it’s likely that you’ve traveled a long way since, either literally or figuratively. Issues around your home or family may show you how your journey has brought you full circle or simply how much you’ve learned.




This Moon Phase falls in your house of communication and may bring you some frustration, Capricorn. Your usual down to earth approach will only take you so far and you may struggle to grasp ideas which ought to be solid. This is a time to let go of your striving and bring your imagination and intuition into play.



This Full Moon lunation falls in the realm of values and security for you so that issues around work or material abundance may be coming to a head. Letting go of control in these areas, Aquarius, can make you feel especially vulnerable but can also open the way to a more creative way of living.



The Full Moon in your own sign, conjunct your ruling planet, Neptune, brings a powerful rush of energy for you. You are likely to be feeling extra sensitive, to your own inner self as well as to the energies around you. Surrender to the flow and enjoy the deep connection to the great mystery.