It’s an optimistic and cheery start to 2020 for most of us, with a joyful conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter. This highlights a can-do approach to life and fits well with new year ambitions and goals. Communicative Mercury also forms a really nice trine to brilliant Uranus, so our mind is firing on all cylinders. This is fantastic energy for the earth signs – Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn or anyone who has planets in the earth signs. Also, Mars is on the move, entering Sagittarius where it will be for the next few weeks promising to right wrongs and to campaign for what is right and just. You’ll want to broaden your horizons and approach life as a daring adventure.

You may find yourself constantly on the move, restless to explore new vistas and impatient with the daily grind. Personal freedom is a high priority, and you’ll feel an urge to break free from any relationship or situation that feels stifling. Travel — especially to foreign destinations — could also be on the agenda now, as you long to expand beyond the familiar and encounter different cultures.



Happy new year! Make a resolution to travel more this year. There is so much the world can teach you and you’ll love any contact you have this week with foreign cultures or countries. Open your mind and learn something new!




Happy new year! Self-improvement is the theme for this week so focus your resolutions on being the best possible version of you. Rather than simply give up a bad habit, change whatever it is about you that got you into that habit to start with.




Happy new year! Make a resolution to be more considerate in your relationship. There’s plenty of passion heading your way, but you can be rather fickle at times, and that hurts. A little more sincerity would go a long way.




Happy new year! Use this new year energy to get your worries and anxieties under control. Mental and emotional stress is very draining, so seek therapy or take up meditation or mindfulness to help you. You have the power!




Happy new year! If you only make one resolution, let it be something creative. You have so much talent that you’re hiding or not using – start as you mean to go on this week and express yourself through art, craft, music or writing.




Happy new year! As 2020 gets underway, focus on your work-life balance – there’s been far too much work and not enough life! In particular, find a way to spend more time with your family and your kids. Make them your top priority.




Happy new year! Make a resolution to keep as busy as you possibly can this year, especially socially. You don’t do well when you’re bored or isolated, so meet some new people this week and start spreading your wings.




Happy new year! Make a resolution to create a more stable emotional life this year. You can start right away this week, by walking away from things or people which make you feel anxious, on edge or exploited. Put yourself back in charge.





Happy new year! With Mars now in your sign, your biggest challenge is going to be focusing your energy instead of scattering it. Make a priority list of achievements you need to make this year and create a road map to help you get there.




Happy new year! You’re a creature of logic but make a resolution to listen more to your instincts this year. This week in particular, focus on your psychic senses and the information you just “know” or “pick up” about someone. You won’t be wrong.




Happy new year! Instead of making personal resolutions, make a promise to yourself this week that you will get involved with a major community or charitable project. Start 2020 with an intent to improve life for others.




Happy new year! Mars arrives in your ambitions zone, so your resolutions are probably focused around your career – and why not? You have what it takes to succeed, even just this week – but do remember to rest and to dream.


I’m Kelli Fox, wishing you all the very best for 2020 and beyond.