The pace of life picks up this week as both Mercury and Venus shift into pioneering, energetic Aries. Communication planet Mercury will be in Aries until May 6th so your mind could be functioning at top speed and in short bursts of activity.

You might not have a lot of patience to focus on one idea for too long, instead burning through one thought quickly and moving on to the next. Instead of weighing all the pros and cons of a situation, you may tend to make snap judgments based more on instinct than logic.

With love planet Venus in Aries until May 15th your love life could be quite exciting! You might find yourself being bolder than usual, taking risks and acting on your ardent impulses. Romance can be steamy and you’re open to experimentation — just watch out for getting carried away by your passions and be sure to take care of yourself.

Full Moon In Libra

Meanwhile, at the end of the week, a Full Moon in diplomatic Libra helps to keep diplomacy and kindness front and center, so it’s a great time for positive, do-good actions. And finally, on the weekend, the Sun moves into Taurus so you may find yourself slowing down and taking time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Creature comforts become more of a priority, and you’re tuned into the sensual side of life.

Gardening, spending time in nature, and nurturing your body with loving care are some possible expressions. You may also become more security-minded and bring a very practical focus to money and material possessions. There could be a desire to strengthen your financial foundation and to accumulate more things. This is a time for getting in touch with what really matters to you, and then taking sensible steps to manifest more of what you want.

Quality is more important than speed, and you can create results you’re proud of. Stubbornness is the shadow side of the Sun in Taurus. You might have a tendency to get overly attached to one way of doing things, or to your own point of view. Be willing to change course if all signs point to being on the wrong path and be willing to accept help from others.




It’s an excellent time for finding, keeping or celebrating love. You’re feeling confident and able to express yourself well, while at the same time being thoughtful of those around you – what a great first impression to make!




Health niggles may be annoying but turn them into a positive by taking action to improve your strength and wellbeing, particularly your mental health. Resolve to look after yourself better and set some realistic goals for this.




Playful creativity brings you a lot of joy, whether you’re getting artistic or crafty yourself or simply helping your kids have some messy fun. Let your inner child out and watch your cares simply dissolve in the glow.




A family issues is resolved, much to your relief, and you feel that you can now start to move forwards. It’s a brilliant week for decorating or renovating your home, or indeed for finding a new home if you’re looking to move.




Your powers of concentration are at a high, so it’s a great time to finish a long-winded project or to finally tackle something that’s been languishing in your too-hard box. Stretch your mind and enjoy the satisfaction of getting things done.




Money is in shorter supply than you would like, but in many ways that’s a good thing. Getting by with less is surprisingly satisfying and besides, it prompts you to look into side hustles and other ways in which your talents can shine.




Step into the limelight. A Full Moon in your own sign is the ideal opportunity to show the world what you’ve got. This is just as true in love as it is in business – in fact, with Venus now in your love zone, your charm is even more appealing than normal.




Weird dreams and odd sensations are a sign of your psychic abilities stirring. This week’s vibe is quite mysterious, so don’t be surprised to have some experiences you can’t explain. Don’t be afraid – it’s all part of the beauty of our complex world!




Although you’re an independently-minded person, you can achieve much more by working with others. Focus on teamwork now, whether it’s professionally or in a hobby or for a social cause.




A high energy career week finds you having to step up and take more responsibility than ever. You’re more than equal to the challenge, so stay calm and act with authority. You have all the talent you need. You’ve got this.




Life isn’t always fair, as you are about to discover. Whatever it is that doesn’t go your way this week will infuriate you – but don’t get mad. Work on changing the situation instead. Make it fairer for those who follow you. Make a difference.




Emotions run high, especially during the Full Moon. Be careful not to say or do anything you cannot later undo, because what feels right in the heat of the moment may well seem disastrous a few hours later. Think. Stay calm.