Feeling brave?

Well, with so much courageous energy in the air this week, it’s no surprise.

Over the next 7 days, you’ll feel energized to get things done, and you’ll finally feel confident enough to take action on things that have been on the back burner.

Today is a #1 Universal day which is a clear sign that new beginnings are on the way. And with Pluto turning direct tomorrow, huge shifts, both in society and your personal life are on the cards.

But that’s just for starters. The main event really happens on Wednesday…

An incredibly powerful New Moon in Libra, conjunct Mars, will rise in the night sky. This potent lunar energy urges you to confidently make positive changes in all aspects of your life, stand firm in what you believe in and create a harmonious world to live in.

Then, the very next day, sensual Venus enters Sagittarius. If you’re looking for love or your relationship could use a little injection of fun, get ready…

This good-natured, boundary-respecting, super-loving energy will have you walking on cloud nine all day long.

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