What have you achieved?

It’s the question you must ask yourself if you want to harness the power of this week’s deeply revitalizing vibes…

Today, Mercury stations direct (hurrah), marking the end of a three-week deep dive into who you really are. 

That’s right – so much inner work has been done (even if you haven’t really noticed)…

While you may have been preoccupied with fielding the barrage of retrograde-related curveballs, you may have missed its blessings

So, today, as the troublesome planet kicks into forward motion…

Ask yourself – what have I learned about who I am and who I want to become? 

Come Wednesday, you’ll be glad you gained a little clarity because…

The Full Moon in Aries will light up the sky, offering you one of the best chances you’ve had all year to manifest your dreams.

Wednesday’s #8 code unlocks ultimate abundance. 

And combined with the Hunter Moon on the same day, the opportunity to attract your dream life to you is compounded. 

By reflecting on all you have achieved this year, showing gratitude for where you are now, and getting clear on where you want to go…

You’ll show the Universe you are ready to receive the blessings it wants to bestow unto you.

As the weekend rolls around, and the Sun begins its foray into Scorpio, a renewed focus and can-do vibe will enter the collective. 

Simply put, the Universe is pulling out all the stops to help you enter a new era of greatness.

Are you ready to embrace it?

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