Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

The cosmic alignment is still under the dominion of a Mars Retrograde. Watch out since Mars is on a vengeful rampage and is holding a grudge from being slowed down. As a result, he has been throwing challenging squares with the Titan planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. The God of War is itching for a fight and gets in the ring and goes head to head with Pluto! Fireworks are bound to be epic and intense. These bad boys’ violent energy will reverberate throughout human society as brawls break out, and toxic habits spin out of control.

Be warned and don’t ingest any of the poisonous frequencies. Hold on to your rational side as if it were a lifeline and catch yourself before you start exhibiting bad behaviors yourself. Exercise maximum tolerance and compassion, especially in your relationships. Although the cosmic planets are thundering overhead, step away from the fray and don’t get involved in useless power plays. Nobody is going to win! Getting into a mess will only double useless drama in your life!

As a breather, Mercury and Venus make a harmonious alignment with electric Uranus. This revolutionary planet can introduce a much-needed shakeup from the repetitive drama and chaos spun by the Mars and Pluto square.

This inspirational Uranian energy is a streak of lightning in the dark sky and can help you develop solutions and galvanize you with out of the box ideas. Rely on this energy to help you make progress in hopeless situations. The new and fresh energy is rainfall after the toxic fireworks of chaos and destruction.

Things get even better and come up roses for those looking for love. You don’t have to go looking for Cupid since he might be just around the corner doing the hunting. You might meet someone new out of the blue! Enjoy the ride and the fuzzy feelings in your stomach. Hold on to the present as something precious and let love rule the show!

Some shadows are up ahead, however, when the Sun in Libra squares with Jupiter in Capricorn. You might be feeling just a tad bit overconfident. Don’t let this rush of energy get into your head. Remember, the best route is to plan, strategize, and come up with a solid game plan. The lesson to be gleaned from this square is to know your limits.

This week, try to survive the Martian obstacle course and keep your head. If Venus invites you to play, yield to her for a much-needed diversion.  In everything else, the Sun and Jupiter square is a reminder to keep grounded and be realistic.

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